Who wants to attract abundance? (Who doesn’t?) I have started my own manifesting abundance practice, combining elements from various teachings, and let me tell you, it’s working.  In more ways than I could have imagined.

As my friends and readers know, I have been working on wellness.  I read a ton of personal growth- type articles, books, my own faith community and am developing my own wellness toolkit. What works for me mat not work for you, I’m just sharing because starting the conversation can start somebody else’s journey.

So my kinesiologist suggested to me the crystal Pyrite.  I was intrigued because it’s a bit muted in hue, and it appealed to me. I find 24 karat gold a bit much, and I had even dipped my yellow gold engagement and wedding rings into white gold a few years ago.  But the muted tones I quite like.  I am an introvert, after all.

Admittedly, I have had a block when it comes to wealth and abundance.  I’ve observed persons who became “wealthy” and affluent who cease to function like nice, normal human beings.  So I’ve resisted it. Is it any wonder the universe hasn’t shown me abundance, then?

So to honor this new practice, I placed my pyrite bracelet on my nightstand beside my other crystals, bracelets and Himalayan salt lamp.  Some days I placed it in my clear glass Coventina dedication, with coins. It looks really pretty when I circle the top of the glass with the bracelet.

During this time I started practicing mindfulness- particularly with drinking.  I started drinking lemonade, honey tea, ginger ale, and the like, thinking “Liquid Gold” as I drank. I bought a scarf with sparkling threads, and I started bringing out my yellow gold jewelry again.  Wearing my pyrite bracelet every day and night. Applying my favorite True Gold eyeshadow highlighter. All with the intention of attracting abundance. (A couple years back, I wore orange for a month and sparked my creativity- publishing a book of poetry and recording a CD.)

I had lost my citrine crystal earlier in the year, and every time I passed my crystals I would think fervently, “Doh!  I wish I had my citrine!”  I honestly believe that just having that thought in my head seems to have activated her benefits.  Surprise checks, rebates, and royalties started coming in.   My new book sold more than a few copies each month.  My blog tour and book release party were quite successful, and my one of my guest posts received my most retweets ever!

Recognizing the power of thought and mindfulness, I amped up my prayers and gratitude. I added the dynamic of fierce, fervent thought.  It is the focus and for lack of a better word- loudness of the thought which seems to give it power.

Some days I awake and fervently thank God, Jesus, Mary, or Jesus-Mary-and-Joseph.  Some days I thank the Goddesses for their energy.  Does it really matter what religion one practices?  Not really.  So long as one is humble and kind to others.

Some days I fall asleep remembering the 80’s power ballad “Gold” by Spandau Ballet.

Nothing left to make me feel small
Luck has left me standing so tall

Always believe in your soul
You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible, always believe in, ‘cos you are

I’m glad that you’re bound to return
There’s something I could have learned
You’re indestructible, always believe in

I admit it’s not much, and I’m certainly not affluent.  I still struggle with rewarding myself with too many little desserts and not enough big major important things like good tennis shoes or a really good bra. But I am aware in a new way.  And one of the things that has turned me off from wealth in the past has been lack of community. So I selected another charity which I have wanted to support, and made a donation.  Felt really good.

It’s not magic. It’s work.  I have to remember to focus. I have to remember to do the work.  I have to sign up for these app companies that give you rebates. I have to connect with readers. All these lucky charms talismans are just things-  it’s the power of your thoughts/faith/belief and ACTIVITY that makes them “work.”

I’m now working on adding to my fervent thoughts of liquid gold- my health and my art-making. What if I applied this gold manifesting to health?  Can you imagine? I’m also working on my new book. I AM READY.

If I were to suddenly found myself extremely wealthy, I’d build two resorts on a tropical island- one for commercial use and one reserved just for my family and friends, and sponsor wellness retreats on site. That, and start a music education cable TV channel.

What would you do?

What’s stopping you?

You are Gold.

  Gold by Spandau Ballet




Wednesday Wellness: Mantra

Hi, Friends!  Happy Wednesday Wellness!  I started writing about wellness topics on Wednesdays, because I noticed so many of my creative friends struggled with wellness, as do I.  Join me on my wellness journey as I fumble and stumble and keep trying.

Last week I caught a cold.

It was kind of a bummer, as I am now a early bird and need to be awake and alert and functioning at o’dark thirty.   And as luck would have it, I was scheduled to attend an all-day training seminar and take my notary public commission exam.  This is my teeny tiny desk area before the start of class.



Okay, so we have to register and get our passport photos taken, as well as fingerprints scanned. This all takes a long time and should be done prior to class start at 8:30am. I thought, I’d go to the nearby CVS drugstore and just pick up some Sudafed and I’d be good to go! But no, the CVS wouldn’t open until 8am, and I had to register, so I found myself at a gas station convenience store that didn’t sell Sudafed. So I got Benadryl.

The Benadryl sure kicked in and even though I had also enjoyed the Starbucks double shot with protein in a can, I just wanted to put my head down and go to sleep. This was not my first training, in fact, this is my third renewal, as I have been a notary public for 16 years. Thankfully. The meds dried up my sinuses, and I ceased being the loudest sneezer in the room.  But then the A/C kicked in, and I was sneezing anyway.  We finished a module (chapter) at 11:50 am and I seriously started packing my things.  But the instructor cheerfully informed us that we would be continuing.  Really?  At 12:06 pm,  I practically sprinted to the Starbucks, ordering myself a Venti Mocha and a breakfast sandwich.  Even though I had recently discovered cafe latte flavored nutritional shakes and kicked the Starbucks habit, I knew this day was different.  Upon finishing my meal, I got back in line where the barista remembered me, ha ha.  “You came back!”  he said. Uh, actually, I never even left.  I ordered a Venti Cold Brew for the afternoon.  I remember noting the time the Benadryl effects finally faded.  Oh, yay!  my medicine’s up!  Oh no, my medicine’s up!  What am I going to do? I didn’t think they’d let me bring my Kleenex box into the proctored exam.  Proctors, man.

I think I aced the exam, and I even managed to pre-order my kids’ prescriptions to the local pharmacy branch and picked them up on my way home, thank you very much.   #supermom

This is a long way of saying, yes, I still struggle with balance and wellness.  I am working on my next book, which contains stories and recipes, many from my mother’s island.  I was thinking about her oldest sister,my dear Auntie Ling, who has since passed away.  I remember her saying quite confidently and comedically, “None of that is mine,”  whenever someone else was crazy-making.

And I was inspired.  That’s really profound!  I often let the crazy-making of others affect my state of being.  You probably have heard the saying: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”  This is the same thing, only more meditative. It’s hard to truly release the crazy-making circus monkeys when you are identifying them as such. Am I right?

So I started deep breathing and reciting in my mind: None of that is mine.  None of that is mine.  Then I switched it up so that “is Mine.” is on my inhale, and “None of that…” is on the exhale.  This is a little harder to do, and you have to concentrate to get it right.  But in my experience, it is so worth it. This way I can physically release the breath and psychically release the crazy-making  at the same time.    It’s my new meditative mindfulness mantra.

Try it and tell me what you think!

What mantra works for you?  Let us know in the comments!

Wednesday Wellness

This month is already flying by!  Are you feeling it?

I have to make extra effort to SLOW DOWN.  Otherwise this crazy month will run me over like a train.  The consumer chaos is such the antithesis of Advent, which is a quiet season of waiting. Nowadays I make a commitment to practice mindfulness and self care, especially during the month of December.

One of the ways I practice my Advent is by listening to music.

I have been listening to my favorite Bach piece: the Magnificat.  This is a classical piece using the text of the Canticle of Mary, which is found in the Gospel of Luke (LK 1: 46-55).  Mary has always been very special to me.  Growing up post-modern Catholic, I often felt a disconnect with the church leadership, but always felt that Mary understood me.  Thus summer I had the opportunity to visit the Blessed Virgin Mary room in the Vatican Museum, and was moved to tears.

I adore this setting because it is so delightfully classical:  many soloists and a chamber orchestra featuring lovely instruments as the flute, oboe, and clarinet alongside the lovely soprano and alto arias, lilting melodies with beauteous descending phrases and waves which seem to never end (I’ve performed two of these arias, it’s hard to find the right place to catch a breath in some of these songs!)  And yet there are still the bigger chorus numbers with excitement and syncopation and tympani.

Here, my friends, is a lovely scrolling score, if you wish to enjoy the magic that is Bach’s Magnificat. Bach’s Magnificat score on youtube