Wednesday Wellness: Information at your Service

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I started writing about wellness topics on Wednesdays as I noted so many of my friends and creatives struggle with balance, as do I. Join me on my journey towards Wellness, along the yellow brick road, acknowledging all things shiny along the way.

One of my first jobs was working at the bookstore at the mall. I loved to work the Information Desk. It was a really neat way to be helpful and also learn things along the way. Many times somebody would ask me a question and I didn’t even know that I knew the answer until they asked. This continued as I moved on to the bigger flagship bookstore. I would put books on hold for myself, but after a few days return them to the shelves, as it seemed just thinking about them helped me realize what I needed to about them. Information was everywhere. So many books, so much information. It was my job to help people, but they were helping me, too. They were helping me develop my intuition.

I’m only just realizing that my current job (of twenty years!) is kind of like that, too. People come to me for assistance, and I assist them. They might ask me for information. I might know the answer, or I might know whom to ask to get the answer. I am providing information, as well as learning information. Sometimes still, I am able to provide the answer, not even realizing that I had already known the answer until that very moment. A little glimmer of a whisper in the back of my mind comes forth. And I am humbled.

The Doctor is IN

I am NOT a doctor. But I can help you find a book.

My dear friend Noel was a kindred spirit, and we both used to improvise playing piano.  When people said they liked her piano playing, she’d say “Isn’t it great? It’s the Holy Spirit!” She had a way of playing a song that is commonly known as “faking it.” There are Fake Books published, and this means the basic notes of the melody are noted and lyrics, but no other music is provided, only the Guitar Chords. It is an outline for the recipe of the song, if you will. There are many ways of making chocolate chip cookies, but in the end, they are all chocolate chip cookies. I love to improvise as I play piano, in fact, I even ignore the written accompaniment, now. If you listen hard enough, you can play the tune. You can play notes, or you can play music. You can follow a recipe, or you can make a cookie.  Are you with me?

So often something reminds me of something else.  Many times, I find myself looking for something, when, in fact, I find something else which I had been looking for before. Whomp, there it is.

Call it The Secret, the Law of Attraction, remote preparation, seek and ye shall find.

I truly believe that having an open mind allows one to perceive truths one might not otherwise recognize.

Everything in your life thus far has prepared you for the next moment. It’s synchronicity.

This afternoon as I drove around during my lunch break, the 80s station played that song “Pure Energy” by a group called Information Society.  Upon entering a place of business, I heard their radio station playing “Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha.

What I know for sure, is that I am not yet aware of all that I already know.

What do you know?

Wednesday Wellness – Scheduled Maintenance

Hello Wednesday!

Today I lamented a bit, I admit, as I didn’t have a fresh, new wellness topic to share with you all.  I went on with my day and reviewed how I was doing so far.  I guess you could say it was a Maintenance day.

Today I paroused through my lovely Bloom calendar, which I’d neglected to complete for a bit.  At this point it becomes more of a journal of What I Did, vs. a plan of what To Do. That’s okay.  It gives me an opportunity to be grateful. I rather enjoyed writing “Finished Reading Harry Potter Book #4 with Dear Son!” because that was a special, memorable milestone in itself.

I also reviewed my personal finances. After last week’s money manifesting, reselling of items and canceling of subscriptions/ services, I now have to follow up with these companies- as I am not seeing the refunds credited to my accounts just yet.    (Item #10 from last week was: Claim What’s Mine!) And now I can go back to Half Price Books to trade in my Goblet of Fire cassettes for cash.

It was a good time to revisit my goals and set my intentions.  I want to review my mantras and uncover what I am really saying to myself.  What goals are left over from last year?   What can I do about them?  What new goals have found me?

I didn’t complete my Guam novel last year, but I did visit the island, made connections,  and developed more ideas.   I got a new idea for another creative nonfiction book: short stories with recipes (very do-able!).  Also, I flirted with writing a jukebox musical.  This one intimidates me, I admit, but honestly I have so many ideas here, it’s time to just do it.  (Hello, three day weekend!)  Something that I really enjoyed last year was an online course.  I love learning.  It’s like school, in the privacy of my own home, under a blanket! I am considering one or two courses that I can take in 2016.

I reached out to my friends and family.  Connecting is so important.  Chatting with my Bestie and my sister keeps me grounded.  Chatting with my new writer & reader friends is so fun and exciting.  I found a new Twitter thread to follow and even participate in.  I have identified a photo to contribute in a future Monochrome Madness photo call. I scheduled the next few guests for my Friday Friends series.

What can YOU do to make yourself more balanced?