Friday Friends: J. C. Hannigan

Happy Friday, Friends!  It is my pleasure to introduce to you today: author J. C. Hannigan!  She writes New Adult novels and has an awesome web presence. Without further adieu, here’s J.C.!

image 1. What have you written?

I have two series published at the moment — both are new adult coming of age novels. The first series, The Collide Series, features a 17-year-old girl named Harlow Jones who finds herself romantically involved with her 12th grade English teacher, Iain Bentley. In Collide, Harlow has to choose between her happiness and justice for a friend. The second book, Consumed, picks up two years after Collide leaves off. It’s been two years of silence from Iain, and she’s struggling to move on. Harlow can’t help but question everything after she meets Jax Walker, an irresistible guy with the means to break down all the walls she’s built around her heart. Just when Harlow thinks she’s found happiness again, her world is pulled into a twisting and painful spiral. In the final book, Collateral, Harlow faces her biggest challenges yet as she navigates the trauma of being attacked in her home, the struggle of trying to move on with her love life, and a dark secret that could destroy her most enduring friendship.

The second series — The Damaged Series — features a whole new set of characters (with some appearances of old faces). DAMAGED GOODS features Everly Daniels, who can’t seem to fall out of love with Grayson Dixon. Five years after locking eyes with him, she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He has a pull on her that she can’t seem to break, even if she wanted to. Grayson may be the love of her life, but he doesn’t make it easy. Everly’s sick of being a prisoner of her feelings for him, and she’s tired of being the shy wallflower. But in senior year, all that is about to change.
RECKLESS ABANDON takes place five years later. Everly’s never gotten over Grayson or what happened between them, and she’s avoided home for years so she didn’t have to think about the past and the people in it. But tragedy strikes and she has no choice but to return home. Grayson has been torturing himself for years over how things ended with Everly. He has to find out if there is anything that can be salvaged. But with so much pain and so many years between them, it seems impossible to work things out. Fate forces them to take a closer look at what they lost, and they both begin to realize that they may be able to pursue a future together after all.


2. What books have most influenced your writing?

I would have to say Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It was the first work I read where the happily ever after wasn’t a happily ever after, and the angst — oh the angst! I love angst.

3. Are you a Pantser or a Plotter?

I’m a pantser. I try to go in with an outlined plot but my stories always take on their own directions.

4. Which character of yours would you date?

It’s a tie between Grayson Dixon and Jax Walker. I love the tortured-slash-reformed bad boy (Grayson) but Jax is steady and calm and strong.

5. Favorite Rom Com?

A Cinderella Story.

6. What is in your playlist?

I have playlists for every book! It depends on the theme of the book. Currently, I’m writing a small town country romance series so those playlists are jammed with country music.

Here’s the link to my YouTube playlists:

7. What’s the strangest thing you researched for a book?

Probably the laws on student/teacher relationships in Ontario.

8. Is there a message in your novels that you hope readers will grasp?

Sometimes, the happily ever after isn’t about getting the guy (or girl). Sometimes, it’s about facing your own demons and being happy with who you are.

9. What are your future project(s)?

I’m currently in the process of editing the first book in a new series, The Rebel Series, and writing the second book. The series is set in a small town in Northern Ontario and follows the Millers, a notorious family from “the wrong side of the tracks”. Rebel Soul (Book 1) is releasing this spring.

10. If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?

Working in the publishing industry.

11. What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, here on Goodreads, etc.) and link(s)?

I love social media so I am EVERYWHERE and I encourage my readers to reach out to me whenever, on whatever platform they are most comfortable with.

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12. Blue Cheese or Ranch?

Blue cheese!