Friday Friends: Dylan Quinn

Happy Friday, Friends!  I have been featuring authors, bloggers and readers on Fridays for the past year.  It is my way of giving back to the community. Let’s hear it for #humanswholovebooks! 

Today I am delighted to feature author Dylan Quinn, who not only has a new book coming out, she has a special free offer TODAY.  Gemini is free on Amazon today. Be sure to click on over to download Gemini (link below). Welcome, Dylan! 

1. So, what have you written?

What haven’t I written? Lol. When I was five, I would sing songs and make up stuff as I walked to and from school. From there I started writing songs, poems, and short stories. In college, I wrote for the school newspaper and was eventually promoted to editor-in-chief. I got my journalism degree and started freelancing for online news magazines. And finally, in 2015, I finished Gemini in FIVE weeks, my first full-length book and have written two since then, Perfectly Flawed, a RS novel, and Origin, the follow-up to Gemini.

2. What subjects & causes are near and dear to your heart?

Music. It’s my first true love. I was a vocal music performance major and on the road to becoming a singer when life intervened, and my path veered off in another direction, but I sing and listen to music every waking minute and can’t function without it.
And writing. It’s more than just a hobby or a career. I was one of those people who felt invisible, but writing gave me a voice. I found myself when I started to write.

As for causes, one is empowering women. I was raised by a single mom, and I’m a single mom. Women feel like they have to do it all, be it all, and have it all. It’s exhausting, and I see women at each other’s throats rather than supporting them. Woman up and stick together, ladies.

Finally, my youngest son has Autism. It will always be something I support and care deeply for.

3. Are you a Pantser or a Planner?

While I do occasionally attempt to plan out my books, I’ve found that pantsing is the way to go. Of the three books I’ve written, only one was plotted, and TBH, I had SO much more editing to do for that book than I did the pantsing books. That said, I’ve since retired from major plotting. I do have scene ideas in my head that I try to come up with, but I often find myself creating supporting characters on the fly that end up having HUGE roles later in the stories, as well as random scenes that evolve into huge plotlines. That totally happened in both Gemini and Origin! So yeah. Pantsers unite!

4. Tell us about your love of Moscato and chocolate-covered strawberries?

I’m known for having a major sweet tooth, and Moscato D’asti (sweet fizzy beverage fun) and chocolate-covered strawberries are my fave celebratory snacks! I eat my CCS like I eat pizza… I peel off the top (the yummy chocolate covering) first, then move on the juicy strawberry hiding inside. Yum.

5. What is one unusual thing about you?

I can sometimes control my dreams. As in, I can fall asleep thinking of something and dream about it. And I write about it! For reals.

6. What music inspires you?

OMG, SO much I can’t even! I have playlists for everything. When I’m writing a fighting scene and need something upbeat, when I’m writing romantic schmexy scenes, and everything in between. I love hard rock, to alternative, pop and top 40, folk music and even musicals like Wicked… Boom.

7. How many books did you read last year?

I was an intern for Entangled Publishing last year, so I probably read about 20 for them? As for myself, I’d say between editing and reading for fun, add another 15-20? So yeah. Maybe 40?

8. Ranch or Blue Cheese?


9. What are you working on right now?

I have to start by saying I’m a wicked multi-tasker, so at any given moment, I have multiple projects in the works. I’m currently writing Genesis the final segment of Cade and Zoe’s story in the Eternal Sacrifice Saga and planning all its companion novels/novellas I hope to publish in the next few years (about 6-7, including a spin-off series!). I’ve started writing a sexy contemporary romance series (w/suspense) and I’m editing book 1 and planning its follow-ups as well as spin off ideas. And finally, I’m doing character development and research for a contemporary romantic suspense standalone I hope to release before the end of the year. Whew. I’m tired now!

10. What tv shows/ movies are you watching these days?

Well, The Vampire Diaries are always somewhere in the background (what can I say, I’m a hardcore Damon Salvatore fan) and when I have time, I find shows that I can use for research. Revenge and Royal Pains (I’m starting a series based in the Hamptons next summer!) Movies, I’ve been watching gambling shows like Twenty-One and Rounders (more research). Whenever I need some inspiration for fighting scenes, I watch John Wick and for romance, I watch Crazy, Stupid Love or The Time Traveller’s Wife.

11. Do you have a theme song?

It’s a total tie: Woman Up by Meghan Trainer and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished from the wicked soundtrack. *drops mic*

12. What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

Trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut.

13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Just a message… Your voice matters. Sing it, baby!

* * *

Gemini is the first novel in my Romantic Contemporary Fantasy Series, Eternal Sacrifice. There will be three more full-length novels and three novellas to be published between now and August, 2017.

Title: Gemini
Series: Eternal Sacrifice, Book One
Author: Dylan Quinn
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance/New Adult Romance
Themes: Family, mythology, angels and demons, coming of age
Heat Level: Mild (See author’s note below)
Publisher: 621-Phoenix Publishing
Release Date: June 21, 2016

On Amazon:

Add to Goodreads:

Message from the author on heat level:
Gemini is not your typical NA/steamy read. It’s a romantic coming of age story that shows the natural progression of Cade and Zoe’s relationship. That said, there is plenty of romance and sexual tension between them, and the heat level will increase as their relationship evolves naturally throughout the series.

Dylan’s Social Media Links:
Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Goodreads

dylanquinnMeet Dylan Quinn:
Since sneak reading her first big girl romance at the age of eleven, Dylan’s been addicted to Happily Ever Afters. Playing pretend with adorable book boyfriends and their strong leading ladies often keeps her sleep deprived, though she seldom complains about dreaming in dialogue.

With juxtaposed interests, Dylan writes it all ~ Character-driven romance in YA, NA and adult, from sticky sweet to taboo heat. From Urban and Contemporary Fantasy to PNR, and Contemporary to Romantic Suspense. Nothing’s off limits.

When she’s not writing guilty pleasures, Dylan plays stage mom to her daydreamer offspring and her furbaby kitty Loki. This music fangirl goes nowhere without her beats and playlists. She has an affinity for Moscato and chocolate-covered strawberries. Dreams of singing on the Voice with Adam and Christina, and fantasizes about getting trapped in Mystic Falls with Damon Salvatore.


Two Souls. One Sacrifice.
His love was worth dying for
Is their love worth dying for, or is five incarnations more than one soul can take?

Gemini Description:
Northwestern University senior Zoe Adams has spent her fifth incarnation on the run. Abused and abandoned by those she once trusted, Zoe turns her back on a duty her soul accepted lifetimes ago to focus on a music career in this one. Until her Gemini Twin Soul’s untimely arrival forces Zoe to choose between a love she can’t remember and a life she’s always dreamed of.

Cade Adams has waited twenty-one years to reclaim his beloved soul mate, but his elation is short lived. As Zoe struggles to let go of her human life, demons from Cade’s past threaten the Gemini, and he finds himself living on borrowed time.

With more than just the fate of their reunion at stake, love becomes an Eternal Sacrifice Zoe and Cade may not escape.


Fashion portrait of young beautiful pretty girl posing against lilac bushes in blossom

Gemini Excerpt published with permission © 2016 Dylan Quinn

While I held her, every nerve woke from its slumber. My heartbeat increased, a hum of electricity coursed through me. Just being near her was intoxicating.
I wanted so much to kiss her lips, but I wouldn’t. Not until she wanted me to. Until her body spoke to me.
“So what can you tell me?” she asked. “What’s the plan?”
“The plan is you get to know me. The way all relationships develop.” I released her just enough to see her eyes. “We spend time together, and your heart will answer the rest. And when you so choose, I am yours—heart and soul.”
Although in time, she would understand that I already was.
“What’s the catch? Other than giving up my life here and going to Aravot? I need all the information if I’m going to make a decision this big.”
“There is a reason you cannot be privy to all the secrets of this life. This must be a decision made by your soul. No logic can go into choosing love.”
Her eyes narrowed, irritation returned.
“Well in case you’ve missed the past millennium, people today don’t just fall in love overnight. Life’s not a Disney movie.” She pulled away.
I let her go, and pushed my hands into my pockets.
She was right. Unions in modern times were complicated. There were many variables humans considered in choosing a mate and Zoe, although the same soul, had different experiences during each lifetime. I could not force her to love me or to choose our life together, as much as I wished that I could.
Each of her lives was a lesson for me as well—in relinquishing control. All I could do was trust in her heart and our love. Trust her soul would remember me.
“I realize all things in life are a choice. I would never force you to love me. And I would never choose my happiness over yours, but yes. I am hoping your heart will choose me.”
Her shoulders relaxed, eyes softened, but never left mine. Her breathing slowed, and her lips parted slightly, just enough to send my heart racing.
My Gemini mark began to pulse. To burn.
I wanted to kiss her. She wanted to kiss me.
After thousands of years loving Zoe, I could read her body as if it were my own.
The flush of her cheeks. Her forehead glistening with perspiration. The way she leaned, shuffled her feet, inhaled short breaths. Her gaze drifting between my mouth and my eyes. The tilt of her head. Her parted lips parting, skimming them with her teeth.
Searching her body for what Raz called her ‘tells,’ I first glanced at her eyes. They were always so telling. They skipped about my face.
Her breaths became shallow, lips parted. A pink flush spread across her high cheekbones as she leaned toward me, shifting nervously between her feet.
Should I kiss her? Part of me was unsure, but my body betrayed my wits.
I had waited twenty-one years for this moment. I could wait no longer.
I stepped closer, inhaled her sweet scent. Lessened the space between us.
Her eyes grew wider, lips parted. Waiting.
I could nearly hear her heart pulsing erratically.
She gave her answer.
“My greatest desire is for you to find happiness.”
I stepped closer. Picked up a long strand of her dark locks, and tucked it behind her ear. Ran my fingers along her jaw. Gently grasped her chin, stroked her bottom lip with my thumb, then shifted toward her.
“You have no memory of our life before this. But I’ve seen us together.” I wrapped my arms around her waist. Pulled her closer, our lips just fractions apart. Our gaze frozen.
“And I will always. Choose us.”
I leaned in, her soft breath blew against my cheek. I pressed my lips to hers. Gentle. Soft. Trembling.
The tingling sensation I had missed so much returned, ran rampant through my body.
I pulled back, not more than a centimeter, to gauge her response.
Her eyes remained closed, lips parted. Waiting for my return.
I brushed my lips to hers, gentle then deeper. They parted further still, and I edged my way in, exploring her sweet mouth.
My body shuddered, a searing heat rushed through me—through my chest, my arms and tingling within my muscles.
Every fiber of my soul, now burned for her. Alive from her touch.
Zoe fell into my embrace, let go of all the tension she’d been holding. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her chest against mine, and tangled her fingers through the hair behind my neck. Moved them down my cheeks, then to my shoulders and waist.
The exploration of her soft fingertips brought my body to life. My soul. Everything woke inside of me.
She pressed her kiss deeper into mine, soft at first, then fervently, as if this was our last.
Her walls were breaking down—the pain replaced with a longing for our love.
She would soon remember everything, and I would have my Chayah back.
Our souls converged as one.
Zoe broke our kiss. Pulled back and gasped for a breath. Slowly, she opened her eyes.
Minutes passed. She relaxed, hands still holding my waist. Her gaze drifted up, peered at me through ebony lashes.
Tears slid from her glistening green eyes. “It’s you.”
I placed my hands on her warm cheeks, held her gently. Gazed into her eyes, breezed my whisper of admission across her cheek.
“It’s me.”


Click here for your free download of Gemini!

Friday Friends: Katie Oliver &What Would Lizzy Bennet Do?

Happy Friday, Friends! I started hosting authors and booklovers on Fridays as a way of giving back to the wonderful book community. It is my pleasure to feature author Katie Oliver today.  I started reading her book on my recent vacation: What would Lizzy Bennet Do? And it’s fabulous Austenian chick lit fun!  Welcome, Katie!
image1. So, what have you written? – I’ve published nine books to date – three books in the ‘Dating Mr Darcy’ series, three in the ‘Marrying Mr Darcy’ series, and three ‘Jane Austen Factor’ books. My first book, Prada and Prejudice, was a number one bestseller and went on to sell well as a paperback.

Currently I’m working on a new story more in line with my earlier books and having great fun writing it. Two female characters cross paths with two sexy (but very different) men, and there are lots of misunderstandings, laughs, and, of course, romance…

2. What subjects & causes are near and dear to your heart? – Homelessness. People going hungry when perfectly good food is thrown out every day. And I don’t understand people who are deliberately rude or unkind. Like the bumper sticker says, mean people suck.

3. Are you a Pantser or a Planner? – I’m about evenly divided between the two. I’m a planner in that I plot the overall story arc in advance and sketch out my characters’ traits and motives/goals; but everything else I make up as I go along. It’s the best of both worlds, really.

4. Tell us about your love of Jane Austen? I came to Jane Austen a little late. I think I was in my late thirties before I saw the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, which led me to finally read the book. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It was amazing. Well-crafted. And it was brimming with wisdom, emotion, and comedic moments. Jane Austen had a rare gift for capturing not only the quirks and foibles of the people in her corner of the world, but of humanity at large. Her works are timeless and universally appealing and will always remain so.


5. What is one unusual thing about you? If I didn’t write, I’d love to design and stage home interiors. I could really get into that…choosing the color palette, furnishings, artwork, rugs… Bliss!

6. What music inspires you? Music that evokes a feeling or emotion does the trick. I like pretty much anything by the Clash or Talking Heads, Bonnie Raitt, and Joni Mitchell. Definitely Joni Mitchell. A Woman of Heart and Mind and River are two particular favorites. Salisbury Hill by Peter Gabriel is unforgettable. And of course, I can’t leave out Depeche Mode.

7. How many books did you read last year? Not as many as I wish! Writing makes for less reading time, unfortunately. But I did read some great books by Bill Bryson, Patrick Taylor, Lynda Renham, Lauren Weisburger, Curtis Sittenfeld, and a few others. And I finally read The Secret Diary of Lizzy Bennet – and loved it!

8. Ranch or Blue Cheese? Um… Neither. Does that make me weird?

9. What are you working on right now? I’m writing an American romance set in Texas about a divorced couple who reconnect several years later. I’m also working on resurrecting an old Regency I started years ago and never finished. I’m kind of all over the place writing-wise right now.

10. What tv shows/ movies are you watching these days? Master Chef, Fixer Upper, Property Brothers (I’m on a home/DIY kick at the moment), and binge-watching Beach House Bargain Hunt. I’ve followed the soap opera, General Hospital, off and on since 1982. And I never tire of a good SpongeBob SquarePants episode.

11. Do you have a theme song? Hmm…as a writer, it would be I Will Survive. For my own theme song, I’d choose Silver Spring by Fleetwood Mac. I love that song, and the lyrics really resonate with me.

image12. What is one thing you would tell your younger self? Lighten up and let it go. In a year, or six months, or even a few days, it won’t matter. So don’t sweat it. And don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you’ve made. We all make ’em. Learn from them and move on.

13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today? If you want to be a writer, go for it. It’s an amazing thing to get published, to be interviewed, to hold your first book in your hands. But know that it’s also a hard road. Develop a thick skin to cope with the inevitable rejections and bad reviews you’ll receive. Be prepared to promote yourself. Get an agent if you can, because he/she will open doors that are closed to un-agented writers.

Most importantly, connect and engage with your readers via Twitter and Facebook. Edit your work ruthlessly. Be polite, and always thank those who take the time to help you. And write the very best book you can.


Facebook Author Page:
Carina UK/Pink Ink blog/website –
Katie Oliver loves romantic comedies, characters who “meet cute,” Richard Curtis films, and Prosecco (not necessarily in that order). She currently resides in South Florida with her husband and two parakeets.
Katie’s been writing since she was eight, and has a box crammed with (mostly unfinished) novels to prove it. With her sons grown and gone, she decided to get serious and write more (and hopefully, better) stories. She even finishes most of them.


What Would Lizzy Bennet Do? –

The Trouble With Emma –

Who Needs Mr Willoughby? –


Prada & Prejudice –

Love & Liability –

Mansfield Lark –


And the Bride Wore Prada –

Love, Lies & Louboutins –

Manolos in Manhattan –

Friday Friends: Author Molli Moran

Happy Friday, Friends! I love to spotlight authors and bloggers on Fridays. It is my way of giving back to the book community, which has been so inspiring for me. Today I am delighted to present Author Molli Moran!

1. So, what have you written?

I’m the author of the Walker Boys series, as well as a standalone (for now) romance, One Song Away. They’re all sort of a crossover between New Adult and adult contemporary romance.

image2. What subjects & causes are near and dear to your heart?

I’m a big supporter of the movement for YA literature (and really, all literature) to include more diverse characters and books. I try to read and champion as many LGBTQ+ YA and Romance books as I can.

3. Are you a Pantser or a Planner?

I’m more of a connect-the-dots writer. I go into my books knowing a few major threads and then the fun part of writing a book is weaving all them together.

4. Tell us about your love of Southern small towns?

Oh, Southern small towns. I’ve spent some time in big cities but at heart, I adore small towns. The camaraderie between people, the stories they all know about each other–it’s heartwarming.

5. What is one unusual thing about you?

Hmm, probably that I was born three months premature, weighing on 1 lb 12oz. I’m totally healthy now though. 🙂

6. What music inspires you?

Everything! I listen to a lot of country music when I’m writing, but pop, singer-songwriter, country, even some classic rock normally. I love music. I’m always making playlists and I always have music going.

7. How many books did you read last year?

About 20. I used to be a much more voracious reader but that’s slowed down in the last few years.

8. Ranch or Blue Cheese?

Always ranch!

9. What are you working on right now?

I’m working on ONE HEART LIKE MINE, the first companion to my ONE SONG AWAY. It follows runner, journalist, and out lesbian Sloane as she falls in love with a bisexual friend who is realizing her sexuality.

10. What tv shows/ movies are you watching these days?

I don’t watch a lot of movies but I *love* TV. I’m rewatching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning (Team Stefan, always), and I also love Supernatural, Doctor Who, Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.
11. Do you have a theme song?

Probably “Fight Song” because it’s really special to me.

12. What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

I’d tell my younger self to not be afraid to be who you are–that eventually, you get to, without fear, and it’s amazing. Growing up knowing I was gay but not being ready to admit it meant my teen years were scary. I wish I’d known then what I know now. 🙂

13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Yes! I co-run a romance authors/readers group on Facebook called Romance Readers Anonymous. I’d love to invite any of your blog readers to join us ( and thank you, Denise, for having me today. This was so much fun. ❤

Molli Moran | Author of small-town romances with heat, charm, and heart

AS YOU TURN AWAY available now in e-book and paperback.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Author Site: Molli Writes
Author Blog: Books and Whimsy
Twitter: @MissMolliWrites
Facebook: Author Molli Writes
Newsletter sign-up:


Friday Friends: Tracy Krimmer

Happy Friday, Friends! I started writing this series on Fridays to help connect other authors and readers.  The book community is a wonderful network and it is my way of giving back.  I am happy to feature author Tracy Krimmer today- as her new book comes out next week!  Welcome, Tracy! 


1. What have you written? I have four novels and three short stories out, with a fifth novel, Dating for Decades, releasing this summer. My novels are chick lit and women’s fiction.
2. What subjects and causes are near and dear to your heart? Love is the most important aspect of my books. Every character finds romance and has a happily ever after. Pieces of it All is a slightly different ending, but I love Beth’s happily ever after.
3. Are you a panster or plotter? I used to be a panster. Over the past year I’ve found if I plot I can write a lot faster, and better, so I do that now.
4. Tell us about your love of fitness. Well, I could write an entire blog post on that. Let’s leave it as I have lost fifty pounds since 2011 through fitness programs, specifically BeachBody. I have made fitness and eating healthy a daily part of my routine and I love helping people reach their goals as well.
5. What is one unusual thing about you? Only one?! I’m an odd duck. Something weird I do is that if I am on Instagram or Facebook I will like a post if there is an odd number on it.
6. What music inspires you? I used to write in silence, now I love listening to music while I write. Every book has a soundtrack and they are filled with all different types of music. If you find me on Spotify, all my soundtracks are there.
7. How many books did you read last year? I have no idea. I don’t track that anymore. If I had to guess, maybe 15 or 20.
8. Ranch or Blue Cheese? Oh my gosh, ranch without a doubt. Graphic warning — in my opinion blue cheese tastes like puke smells. I can’t stand it.
9. What are you working on right now? A novella for a box set. The story takes place over the New Year on a cruise ship.
10. What tv shows/movies are you watching these days? I love TV. I watch a lot of shows. My summer shows are Big Brother and Mr. Robot. I need to catch up on UnReal as well.
11. Do you have a theme song? It changes. Right now it’s Stressed Out by twenty one pilots. I have my reasons.
12. What is one thing you would tell your younger self? It’s okay to be weird. When you’re an adult, no one will care.
13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today? I want to say thank you for loving to read. Thank you for being a group of people who, like me, love having their face stuffed into a book. I love knowing so many other people are out there like me!

You can find me on Facebook at, on Twitter at, Instagram at My website is and all my books are on Amazon:


Friday Friends: Character Interview with Courtney

Happy Friday, Friends! I love the creative community- and this is my way of giving back to the community. I feature authors and creatives on Fridays.  Today we have something special! A character interview! Introducing: Courtney from Learning Me/ Exploring Me (by Jamie White).


1. So, tell us how you became involved in acting?

I’ve been acting since Kindergarten. I just thought it looked fun, and now I don’t know what I’d do without it.

2. What subjects&causes are near and dear to your heart?

Anything having to do with the arts, especially acting. I want to learn everything I can about it.

3. What’s your favorite song?

Anything really moody and dramatic. I love dramas best, so anything that gets me in that mood works.

4. What’s your favorite movie?

Got a few days? Seriously … there is no way I could ever pick just one.

5. What is one unusual thing about you?

I’d say I’m pretty boring, really. I mean, I basically go to school, drama, and my boyfriend’s hockey games.

6. Do you want to go to college?

You bet. I really want to get into this drama program at one place, but we’ll see if they accept me. I also need this scholarship to come through…

7. What is the deal with your parents?

I really wish I knew. For whatever reason, they have this massive thing against me acting. I think it’s stupid, but they won’t budge.

8. Ranch or Blue Cheese?

Blue Cheese.

9. Do you ever want to go somewhere different than where your creator sends you?

All the time. Especially after the next book or two…

10. What is your relationship with your author?

I plead the fifth before since my parents told me I shouldn’t say anything if I can’t say something nice, but she really pisses me off. I really hope she eases up on me at some point.

11. What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

I can’t really think of anything about me I would change, but if my creator is listening, I would sure love to change my parents.

12. What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

Your parents are never going to accept you wanting to be an actress, so just stop trying. Don’t care as much; it will save you a lot of hurt later.

13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

I guess I’d say that I hope you enjoy my story a lot more than I’ve been enjoying living it.

Thank you for stopping by, Courtney!  It was a pleasure having you on Friday Friends!

Kudos to author Jamie White! Learning Me and Exploring Me are available now. Book 3 will be coming out soon. Stay tuned! 

Friday Friends: K.M. Randall

Happy Friday, Friends!  Today I am delighted to feature author K. M. Randall!  Take it away, K.!

1. So, what have you written?

In terms of books, I’ve written Fractured Dream (The Dreamer Saga), which is the first in an epic fantasy series. I’ve also written The Reaper’s Daughter, a YA Paranormal novel, also a first in a series. As a Wattpad exclusive (for the time-being), I published Fairytale Lost, the prequel to Fractured Dream. Outside of books, I’ve worked in newspapers, magazines, online media, so I’ve written a lot.

2. What subjects & causes are near and dear to your heart?

I’d say the environment is very important to me. Some of my favorite authors are nature writers like Annie Dillard and Bill McKibben. I try to insert environmental elements in all my books. I’ve also thought about getting involved in anti-bullying organizations. I have a young son and it terrifies me how social media has given bullying such reach. It’s an epidemic.

3. How did you conceive Fractured Dream?

Fractured Dream was inspired by several factors. I had a dream about a girl who lived in two worlds, and at the same time I was reading the Time Traveler’s Wife, which made me think about the physical body and time and space. It was all kind of a light bulb, and suddenly I had the idea of a girl who lived in a real world when she was awake and slipped into another, but also real, fantasy-like world when she went to sleep. It has the elements of a portal story as well, which came from my desire as a kid to find a lake that would take me to a fairy world.


4. How did you conceive The Reaper’s Daughter?

Strangely, I was looking out the window of my home office and watching the crows that were in the trees and a line about death slipped through my mind, making me think about a young girl who finds out she’s Death.
5. What was the most curious thing you discovered in your research?

I can’t think of one thing, specifically. But I’m learning a lot right now about dolphins, which are relevant to a new Sci-Fi novel I’m working on.

8. Coffee or Tea?

I like both, but definitely coffee. There’s no blood in my veins, just coffee … and wine.

9. What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on the sequel to Fractured Dream, called Shattered World. I’m also working on a Sci-Fi YA romance that I’m currently titling Sea Shifter. The title could change though.

10. Do you have any writing rituals?

Nothing crazy. I like quiet, my office, and coffee … Always coffee.

11. Do you have a theme song?

I don’t have one specific, but right now I’m feeling kinship with “Shake it Out” by Florence Against the Machine. This because, as people may have heard, my publisher Booktrope announced its closing, so it’s been a lot of shaking it off and out and taking a breath to move on. I’m also feeling “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. I sing it to my five-year-old at bedtime and he sings it with me, so it’s really special.

12. What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

I’d probably tell my younger self to take care of myself better. And to write more.

13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Although my publisher is closing I will still be writing, and may have found one of my titles a new home already. So I’ll be back. In the meantime, I’m running a close-out sale. Fractured Dream is available at a discounted rate at $2.00 on Amazon right now and The Reaper’s Daughter is 99 cents. Thanks for having me! You can always find me at


I am going to get Reaper’s Daughter right now! Who’s with me?