Who wants to attract abundance? (Who doesn’t?) I have started my own manifesting abundance practice, combining elements from various teachings, and let me tell you, it’s working.  In more ways than I could have imagined.

As my friends and readers know, I have been working on wellness.  I read a ton of personal growth- type articles, books, my own faith community and am developing my own wellness toolkit. What works for me mat not work for you, I’m just sharing because starting the conversation can start somebody else’s journey.

So my kinesiologist suggested to me the crystal Pyrite.  I was intrigued because it’s a bit muted in hue, and it appealed to me. I find 24 karat gold a bit much, and I had even dipped my yellow gold engagement and wedding rings into white gold a few years ago.  But the muted tones I quite like.  I am an introvert, after all.

Admittedly, I have had a block when it comes to wealth and abundance.  I’ve observed persons who became “wealthy” and affluent who cease to function like nice, normal human beings.  So I’ve resisted it. Is it any wonder the universe hasn’t shown me abundance, then?

So to honor this new practice, I placed my pyrite bracelet on my nightstand beside my other crystals, bracelets and Himalayan salt lamp.  Some days I placed it in my clear glass Coventina dedication, with coins. It looks really pretty when I circle the top of the glass with the bracelet.

During this time I started practicing mindfulness- particularly with drinking.  I started drinking lemonade, honey tea, ginger ale, and the like, thinking “Liquid Gold” as I drank. I bought a scarf with sparkling threads, and I started bringing out my yellow gold jewelry again.  Wearing my pyrite bracelet every day and night. Applying my favorite True Gold eyeshadow highlighter. All with the intention of attracting abundance. (A couple years back, I wore orange for a month and sparked my creativity- publishing a book of poetry and recording a CD.)

I had lost my citrine crystal earlier in the year, and every time I passed my crystals I would think fervently, “Doh!  I wish I had my citrine!”  I honestly believe that just having that thought in my head seems to have activated her benefits.  Surprise checks, rebates, and royalties started coming in.   My new book sold more than a few copies each month.  My blog tour and book release party were quite successful, and my one of my guest posts received my most retweets ever!

Recognizing the power of thought and mindfulness, I amped up my prayers and gratitude. I added the dynamic of fierce, fervent thought.  It is the focus and for lack of a better word- loudness of the thought which seems to give it power.

Some days I awake and fervently thank God, Jesus, Mary, or Jesus-Mary-and-Joseph.  Some days I thank the Goddesses for their energy.  Does it really matter what religion one practices?  Not really.  So long as one is humble and kind to others.

Some days I fall asleep remembering the 80’s power ballad “Gold” by Spandau Ballet.

Nothing left to make me feel small
Luck has left me standing so tall

Always believe in your soul
You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible, always believe in, ‘cos you are

I’m glad that you’re bound to return
There’s something I could have learned
You’re indestructible, always believe in

I admit it’s not much, and I’m certainly not affluent.  I still struggle with rewarding myself with too many little desserts and not enough big major important things like good tennis shoes or a really good bra. But I am aware in a new way.  And one of the things that has turned me off from wealth in the past has been lack of community. So I selected another charity which I have wanted to support, and made a donation.  Felt really good.

It’s not magic. It’s work.  I have to remember to focus. I have to remember to do the work.  I have to sign up for these app companies that give you rebates. I have to connect with readers. All these lucky charms talismans are just things-  it’s the power of your thoughts/faith/belief and ACTIVITY that makes them “work.”

I’m now working on adding to my fervent thoughts of liquid gold- my health and my art-making. What if I applied this gold manifesting to health?  Can you imagine? I’m also working on my new book. I AM READY.

If I were to suddenly found myself extremely wealthy, I’d build two resorts on a tropical island- one for commercial use and one reserved just for my family and friends, and sponsor wellness retreats on site. That, and start a music education cable TV channel.

What would you do?

What’s stopping you?

You are Gold.

  Gold by Spandau Ballet



Wellness Wednesday – Manifesting Money

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Today I am checking in and reporting on my manifesting money process.  Remember this post I wrote a couple of weeks ago?

Here is my update.

  1. Posted new, unread books for sale on marketplace
  • These have not sold yet at my original price, so I will have to adjust my asking price. Update:  One sold!  That’s $5 in my account that I didn’t have before!

2. Cancelled FasTrak (toll account) and am expecting refund

  • Have to follow up, as I have not received the $25 credit yet. Update: Got it!

3. Cancelling unread magazine subscriptions

  • $54.00 check refund received

4. Signed on as a coach, now getting a 25% discount on my fave shakes

  • I have already saved about $25 on my second order.

5. Finished returning extra holiday gifts that I didn’t give out

  • Collected $40 in refunds

6. Finished returning holiday gifts received that didn’t work for me

  • $20 store credit which I used for something reasonable

7. Shopping and dining with gift cards & credit received

  • C’mon, this one is too easy.

8. Traded DVDs and VHS tapes at the local record store for CASH

  • I have done this 3 times this month already, for a total of $124.00 received IN CASH

9. Got just manicures instead of mani-pedi’s

  • Reducing luxuries all around.

10. Followed up on gift card prize and deposited checks, aka  CLAIM WHAT’S MINE!

  • Claimed gift card that I won for $25
  • Filed claim for Health Flexible Spending Account
  • Submitted Expense report for work expenses $48
  • Redeemed credit card loyalty points for cash: $99.00

My husband also called our cable TV and internet provider, obtaining better service at a reduced price.  Next up on that list is my Mobile Phone provider. Wouldn’t that be great to reduce that monthly bill!  I am also actively soliciting my preferred credit card for a balance transfer offer.

Honestly, I can hardly believe how easy it has been.  Now that I have this mindset, it seems so much easier.

I believe I can find ways to save money and reveal money.

Just this morning someone walked up to me and gave me a $5 Starbucks gift card.

What are some ways YOU are manifesting money?