Friday Friends: Dylan Quinn and Origin

Happy Friday, Friends!  On Fridays I like to spotlight authors and bloggers.  It is my way of giving back to the community, which has been so helpful and supportive to me, especially upon my first book launch.  Has it been a year already?    Today I am happy to feature author Dylan Quinn again, on the occasion of her new release:  Origin.   Both Gemini and Origin are on sale for .99 today, Friday, October 28th!  Read on for an exciting excerpt!


One sacrifice saved humanity.

One kill will change everything.

One secret could destroy them all.


Sometimes the most dangerous battle is the war within ourselves.

One sacrifice can save humanity.

So can one heartbeat. One kiss. One touch. I didn’t save my Gemini’s soul the night I rescued him from the dark realm. Cade Adams saved mine.


One kill has changed everything.

Since I eradicated the world’s most dangerous demon, the Fallen factions are out for blood, and their target is my family: Genesis—the Origin of humanity. The only way to protect my legacy against an ancient prophecy threatening to take me out is to resume my reign as Chayah, Eternal Mother. But I can’t remember her. My own secrets are buried so deep, even I can’t reach them.


One secret could destroy us all.

EXCERPT from Origin:

Thousands of years loving Cade and five lifetimes leading Genesis are lost to me. While I’ve been off fighting to remember my own life, my family’s been fighting each other. Our own demons just may destroy humanity’s only defense against the darkness before the Eternal war has even begun.


Sometimes the most dangerous battle is the war within ourselves.



My official Genesis title resonated through Cade’s bare chest, his voice like silk. Low. Sensual. He’d removed his shirt and shoes, and now stood barefoot behind me, nothing but a pair of tight jeans showing off every asset.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispered. “My body has missed you.”

He left light kisses along my neck, sending goose bumps rising across my sensitive skin.

My pulse sped up, and my body shook.

This is really happening.

“Come.” Cade took my hand and led me back inside, past our bedroom, to an adjoining bathroom. It was the size of Cade’s front room in Chicago. A huge tub stood in the corner.

Cade went to set up the bath, while I leaned against the doorframe, trying to keep my knees from giving out.

“Are you feeling all right?” He returned to me, skimming his hand across my cheek. “Your skin is pale.”

I couldn’t get out any words.

“Chayah.” He brushed my hair over my shoulders and cupped my cheeks. “Don’t be afraid. I promise not to rush you. We have Eternity, love. When you’re ready…”

“Oh, I’m ready,” I mumbled a little louder than I meant to. My eyes grew wide, and I pressed my lips together.

Cade narrowed his eyes, showing off that sexy crooked smile. “There you are.”

“So, there’s like—” My eyes darted through the room. “No time limit for us to, um.” I swallowed. “You know.”

“Not at all. The Ceremony has begun the Convergence, and it cannot be broken. We must merge physically, but we have as long as you need.” He tilted my chin, running his thumb along my bottom lip. “You’ve spent the past three months worrying about me. Tonight is about you, love. Let me care for you.”

The knot in my chest loosened. A little. Nervous energy pushed through each limb of this new body I’d recently inherited.

For the first time in my life, I trusted someone completely.

I trusted Cade with my heart and my soul.

And tonight, with my body.

I was ready to give myself to him, in every way a girl could.

“This may sound weird, since the night hasn’t really started, but—” I bit my lip. “I don’t want it to end.”

Cade’s breathing became heavy as the aura surrounding him fired to life. The corners of his lips curved up, and his gaze burned into me.

“For now, my love, it is the still of night. And night it shall remain. For as long as you wish.”

He tilted my chin, leaving a soft, sensual kiss to my lips.

“Tonight is ours.” He leaned closer, running his thumb across my bottom lip. “And for this night—time stands still.”

 Where you can find Author Dylan Quinn: ~ FB: Author Dylan Quinn ~ Twitter: @Dylan_Quinn

I am going to purchase and download Origin today! 

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