Friday Friends: #Booklover Natasha Botkin

Happy Friday, Friends! I’ve been interviewing writers and bloggers on Fridays for the past year, and I’ve decided to interview readers, too! We are #humanswholovebooks!  


Good morning everyone! I absolutely love to read. I often say that I have to have a library to afford my habit: not enough space or money. For years I worked as Title 1 educator in the intervention of reading and writing and now I am an educator in Special Education and English Language Arts (in other words reading, writing, listening and speaking.) and #1 International Best Selling Author.
1. what are you reading right now? At this point in time, I am fluctuating between “365 Moments of Grace” (I am a contributing Author-Yeah!) or “The Secret Language of Stones” by M. J. Rose. “The Secret Language of Stones” has an interesting view point on how crystal energies speak and vibrate. The female character has much that she is wrestling about her with her “gifts.” I have just begun to read this, in fact, I was quite surprised by the wealth of history about the fall of the Romanov empire and World War I that is gracing this storyline.
2. What did you read last? Well, there were quite a few, so let’s go with “The House at the End of Hope Street” by Menna van Praag. This was a sweet treasure of a read. Those who are in need of the house’s gifts are unknowingly called to grace its doorsteps. This has been going on for years and many ladies have come to heal and move forward to a much nicer life.
3. What book has most influenced you? I have found that so many books influence me. So, I could not possibly choose just one. I am avid reader of adult fiction, non-fiction and children’s books (for teaching purposes). I can attest from a social skills part of my educating youth, I have found one book that I turn to again and again. It is a children’s book called “The Color of Us” by Karen Katz. It is a simple read; however, it delivers a powerful message describing how we are all different colors and she wisely utilizes foods as descriptors; this is a great way to help children and adults see the in the beauty of all of our colors.
4. How many books did you read last year? Um, now that is a good question. It may be near the hundreds. Like I have stated before I have a huge love of reading!
5. What book would you recommend for your younger self? Read as many as you possibly can and to never stop.
6. Do you prefer a genre? Not really, even though I do not find myself in the science fiction or romance world too often.
7. A popular book is becoming a film. Do you read the book first, or see the movie first? But of course, I read the book first and then shake my head at the movie; declaring “the book is just so much better.
9. What would be the title of your life story? I absolutely love this! I was just saying that I am living the life of a book I am to write. So, once this is down the universe will now wish for me to fulfill this masterpiece and I have you all to thank for that: “Unearthing and Excavating My Soul- A Journey Back to my True Heart.”
10. What is one thing you have learned from books? Life is one incredible journey full of characters and plenty of stories that are meant to have fun with and not take everything so seriously.
11. Is there a book that you once loved, but can’t stand anymore? Not really, then again I do not too often re-read a book; well that is unless, I am to teach it. Then again, I usually have sticky notes galore attached in important teaching places.
12. Is there anything you would like to add? May you too, enjoy the love of a good book.


2 thoughts on “Friday Friends: #Booklover Natasha Botkin

  1. Lovely idea. I have been an avid reader of novels since I learned to read. Weekly a visit to the library meant walking home with 5-7 books. My life was in those books & i learned a lot. Now at 77 years young & very busy I still read 1 -2 weekly. No matter what went on in my life I have a book to read.

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