Wednesday Wellness: Claim the Crown

Something my predominately Catholic Christian upbringing didn’t provide me was knowledge of the chakras energy system. As a result, I only discovered the chakras in the last ten years.  If you are not yet familiar with the chakras, may I suggest that you read renown spiritual author Deepak Chopra’s article on  Basically there are areas of the body which focus energy- centers of spiritual power.  Discovery of this thinking has opened my spirituality and deepened my poetry. The seven sections of my poetry collection A Maze in Grace follow a labyrinthine path around the chakras.

I happened upon crystals and stones quite by accident. I placed a cool stone on my forehead to release tension in my furrowed brow.  There’s a whole poem about this in my book. I’ve been thinking lately about how I was placing a crystal on my third-eye chakras, which is the center of intuition.  I have always been highly intuitive, and with that comes high sensitivity and overstimulation.  Sometimes I just have to turn the noise of the world OFF.  And there, my friends, is my anxiety and depression, in a nutshell.

I found that placing the cool stone on my forehead right before I go to sleep was so relaxing, it helped me sleep better. I could even place the stone under my sleep-mask, and it would be secure all night. Even in my sleep, I enjoyed the cooling effect of the stone, and its placement kept my intuition balanced. I wondered how I might be able to wear one during the day, and still be socially acceptable.

It occurred to me that new Wonder Woman had just the right jewelry to do so- in her tiara crown.


Wonder Woman (2017) Gal Gadot

I started thinking more about tiaras and crowns in general, even thinking back to the many bible references to jewels and crowns. Wonder Woman’s tiara is traditionally worn across her forehead and includes the adornment of a small red star. Ruling royalty wore crowns to signify their stature, and I believe the jeweled crowns also were heavy, signifying the weight of responsibility in ruling with wisdom.

Suddenly I remembered a small lightweight tiara I had purchased but not worn for my young daughter’s superhero themed birthday party earlier this year.

I decided it was time put on my tiara and claim my power.

image#nomakeup #nofilter #IamWonderWoman


Take that, world!



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Claim the Crown

  1. I love the idea of claiming your power and using crystals and stones to do it! Wonder Woman is the perfect female archetype to get us to embrace that inner warrior of ours. I agree I’ve seen a big trend in crowns–I’m trying to remember where I saw it, but I know people are out there designing crowns and jeweled headdresses for everyday use as we speak!! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your comment! Did you click on the link at the end? It’s a video of Wonder Woman using her tiara to catch bad guys.

  2. I love how this resonates with the work I’ve been doing on claiming our power! Your crown looks good on you. Plus, I always loved Green Hornet’s emerald ring – SHAZAM!

  3. I love the way you “happened on crystals and stones by accident.” How wonderful that the Universe always leads us to exactly what we need. And your creative solution of the tiara is just brilliant!

  4. I love the idea of being wonder women and she has been my hero for most of my life. I recently retired her because I couldn’t keep going at her speed. Love your tiara & crystals.

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