Friday Fun: Mix Tapes

One of my favorite local radio stations has just switched to all-80’s, all the time. #IHeartthe80s I do enjoy the music of the 70’s as well, but it is the music of the 80’s which holds a special place in my heart.  I didn’t get the 90’s.  I spent the 90’s still listening to my favorite 80’s music.   A couple of years ago, I tried listening to 90’s music.  I was in a bad mood for a week. #truestory

So earlier this week, this happened. I was annoyed because I was put on hold, but the hold music turned out to be terrific! I listened to a song I had never heard before, and I became inspired to make an Advancement playlist for my dear son upon his Advancement from 8th grade (remember when we used to call this a graduation?).  I whipped up a playlist for him the night before the occasion.  I had always made mix tapes for my friends back in the day #IHeartthe80s and I have enjoyed making birthday playlists for each of my children, to commemorate their birthday party theme and favorite tunes of the time.

 A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to make a Pirate Fairy cd for my daughter’s birthday, as well as a Discernment cd for a dear friend who was considering Episcopalian priesthood. Surprisingly, more than a few songs were the same.  You might not think that a 6 year old girl and a Episcopalian Aspirant would net the same musical selections- but I found that as both playlists called for girl power, believing in self, and inspiration from above-  they did.

Who I Am by Natasha Beddingfield  (Theme from The Pirate Fairy)

  I Have A Dream by ABBA.

It’s Amazing by Jem.

You get the idea. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Discernment cd spoke to Me, as I found myself with a deep question to ponder.

 So I wasn’t too surprised that my son’s Advancement playlist contained songs previously heard on various other playlists: Superheroes, Amazing Race, Raise the Bar, and even Girl Power.


What surprised me, what how the mix and the message spoke to Me.


It’s Your Life by Francesca Battistelli

I Could Not Ask for More by Sara Evans.


Don’t you find that the Divine speaks to you through your ipod shuffle sometimes?

What music is speaking to you today?



  • #FridayFriends returns next week

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