Cleanse, Blend, and Hello Kitty

Happy Wellness Day!

I started a nine-day cleanse yesterday. One which I have done before, almost once a year for the past ten years.  Not gonna lie, it ain’t easy.  But half the battle is the attitude, and somehow I just know that this is the right time to do it.  Basically, I drink this special berry tea four times a day and only eat whole raw almonds and boiled eggs on the first two and last two days.  On the middle five days, I enjoy two meal-replacement shakes a day plus a reasonable meal (no dairy, grains, and only lean protein).  I use it as a jump start to returning to eating better. I have already lost two pounds after only the first day. So there’s that.  It is a real opportunity to be mindful. Part of me wants to snack as I usually do at certain times of the day.  But it is totally not necessary. Just a habit that I got into. (I am NOT a health professional!  I am just sharing with you what works for me.)

I am not following the cleanse strictly, rather I am combining products I like from different programs. That’s my thing:  I like to blend.   I have always been the one who perceives connections where others don’t.  Harry Potter and Autism, 80’s music and fairy tales, that Black Eyed Peas song which is just screaming for descending violins a la Les Miz- these are just a couple of juxtapositions dancing around my mind.

Hanging out with my children this past weekend was a blessing. I really enjoy reading Star Wars books with my son and watching Star Trek Voyager episodes with both kids. We like to visit bookstores, and on the way home I delighted that they were each reading their books of choice in the car.  I happened upon the school Book Fair this morning and since it was BOGO (Buy One Get One Free), I picked up four chapter books.  But they are mostly for me.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy middle grade children’s books.  This is the reading level just between my two children.  My son is almost too old for them, and the chapter books are just a little too advanced for my daughter. But you know what?  It’s great to be a kid!

I have often been criticized as an adult for my continued love of Hello Kitty. But you know what?  I see no problem with rejoicing in the joy of my childhood every day.







2 thoughts on “Cleanse, Blend, and Hello Kitty

  1. Hi Denise, Good for you and good wishes that this cleanse is everything you want it to be. You certainly do see connections – I saw that demonstrated so beautifully in your poetry! I’d love to read your take on Harry Potter and Autism – my recent post was on the movie ‘Moonstruck’ and narcissism. I can’t say it’s always fun seeing the connections – but they’re in there!
    xo, Reba

  2. I recently completed a 5 day cleanse of 3 meal replacement shakes & 2 salads a day with veggies & 1 portion of fruit a day. I didn’t lose any weight & got tired of salads & I didn’t lose my cravings. What I did get was a mindset to get back to cleaner eating, cut out the nibbling & think about meals beforehand & before putting something in my mouth.
    I remember loving reading Judy Blume books when my daughter got into them and I see that Judy Blume has started writing adult novels. I intend to put it on my summer reads list.

    One of my observations since taking on social media marketing for our business is that I didn’t create time to read & was reading way less than usual. Decided this will stop, now. My next blog is Summer Reads, a combination of books I read and recommend & the ones that will go on my list for me.

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