Wednesday Wellness: Perspective

Good Morning, Friends!  Happy Wednesday!  I started writing about wellness topics on Wednesdays, as I noticed most of my writer friends and creatives struggle with balance, as do I. I am not a fitness professional, I am just keeping it real. Maybe some of my musings and ramblings may speak to you. 

May the Force Be With You! Today marks the 39th anniversary of the release of Star Wars into our galaxy.  I have been mulling over today’s topic for the better part of a week, maybe the Force intervened that I should post it today.

My son and I have recently both read Lost Stars by author Claudia Gray.  The book covers the stories of the original trilogy, from the perspective of two  Imperial cadets as they study at an Imperial Academy, graduate and become deployed into the field.  What I love about this book is that the reader can really see what it is like from the less popular Imperial point of view.   If you have seen the movies, you already know what happens, in the historical chronology.  But what happens in this book is more of a personal history.  And it’s mind-blowing.

What I love about this book is that it really opens our eyes and shows us that sometimes our perceived enemies just love their homelands as much as we do.  They just want to honor and preserve their way of life.

This story begins the day that two children’s Outer Rim planet is annexed into the Empire.  The planet celebrates, as they are welcomed.  The children are in awe as Imperial Starships fly overhead, and then they have an opportunity to go inside one.  From this moment they are dedicated to perfecting their flying skills and studying to apply to the Academy.  Happily, they are both accepted at a prestigious location of the Imperial Academy and continue their studies together.  Upon their graduation, they are deployed  in the Imperial army, and almost immediately Alderaan and then the Death Star are blown up.  Naturally, they are freaking out. Wouldn’t you be?

It really is fascinating to observe that racial and political bias exist in a fictional galaxy.  From the Imperial point of view, the Rebels are the terrorists.  Soon however, the Imperial actions cause both these cadets to question. One defects. The other continues to serve, with hope, and some rationalizing.  Watching their relationship over many years shows their character growth.  Neither would ever consider joining the Rebel Alliance, at first.

One does eventually join the Rebel Alliance, albeit somewhat reluctantly.  He simply has no life, always hiding from the Empire.   But he is always concerned that he may be fighting his friend.  She, serving the Empire, has risen in rank quickly, partially due to so many higher ranks having been obliterated on the Death Star.  She observes video replay of a battle and recognizes the flying pattern of her old friend. This is how she discovers he is now part of the Rebel Alliance.  She is disgusted.

Further questionable Imperial actions cause her to inwardly question her loyalty, again, and again.  But she remains a faithful servant to the Empire. In appearance.

He has come full circle, now even acknowledging the Force.

I do wish everyone would read this book. The alternate perspective is refreshing, the story of these two cadets’ intertwined fate is compelling.

Sometimes I just want to dive into a book so I can forget about my anxieties,  and take a ride in another world.

Sometimes, the story takes me on a personal journey of discovery.

This is one of those books.

Have you read Lost Stars? What is one book that swept you away?






7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Perspective

  1. I’m a big book person as well, although I haven’t read any in the Star Wars series. I love the way our imagination can be encouraged to fly to other worlds, where other lives someone how ours. And really good books share a message that is often unique to us. Thanks for sharing your love of Star Wars with us!

  2. Not a fan of star wars or science fiction, but enjoyed your synopses. Am a big lover of reading books that offer perspectives on life. I survived my childhood by being a voracious reader & that opened galaxies I would not have been exposed to. Today, I mainly read mysteries and women based fiction. They both might come in handy to solve problems.

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