Friday Friends: Aimee Brown & Hello ChickLit

Happy Friday, Friends!  The book community has been so generous to me, I wanted to do my part and give back to the community by featuring book-loving friends on Fridays. Today I am delighted to feature Aimee Brown of Hello ChickLit.   Join me in welcoming Aimee! 

So, tell us how you became involved in the book world?
I love to read & I went to school for writing/English lit many moons ago. I was trying to write my first novel and thought it was complete crap so I registered for school to ‘make me a better writer’. While it didn’t do that, my creative writing class did validate that I wasn’t such a crappy writer after all and I fell in love with everything books. I own thousands of paper books and while I’m still not quite a published author I’m still perfecting my first novel and hope to become an author in the next year or so. I also worked as a Book Marketing Manager for a short while for Booktrope Publishing and that really pushed me into the publishing/book world in a great way at the time.

What subjects & causes are near and dear to your heart?
I subjects and causes…suicide & children (not together lol)
I’ve had a lot of experiences in life I’d never wish on anyone. For years I worked in healthcare in giant ER’s through a few different states and mental health is a huge issue on the planet. I have family who struggle with depression and as a teen I dealt with the suicide of a friend. I think that more needs to be done to help our world’s mental health. It’s a tough subject but it’s out there everywhere, including in these military personal that come home to a world they no longer know.
As far as the children aspect goes… there are so many children without families and yet it costs SO much to adopt these kids. I know so many families who can’t afford to adopt but could give a child the care and love they need. I just want all the kids to have families, wouldn’t that be great?
How did you conceive
I didn’t actually plan Hello…Chick Lit, it somehow found me. I’ve been working outside the home in healthcare full time for years and honestly, that’s got to be the most emotionally draining job you could ever do. You want to help people but at the same time you hate them. Lol I needed something that was uplifting and fun and books (chick lit in particular) does that for me. I’m writing my own chick lit book so I thought why not blog about books?! Readers make the greatest writers and so Hello…Chick Lit was born.
What services does HCL provide?
So when I first started HCL my plan was to just blog book reviews once a week. But, I learn things really quickly and I discovered I didn’t just love books but I loved the publishing industry as well. So now, HCL offers quite a lot, including: book reviews, author promo, book tours, author assisting and just fun author/reader interaction.
What is one unusual thing about you?
One unusual thing about me… I don’t really consider this unusual, but most others do – I have a lot of tattoos. Including a giant one across my chest that is not hidable (I wouldn’t want to anyways) and my entire left arm. I love them, yet I don’t seem the type and that’s part of what I love. I can’t stand when people judge you by your looks so I wanted to throw people off… I’ve been pretty successful so far. Lol
What music inspires you?
I’m a mood music girl at times. I’ve spent most of my life listening to a mix of alternative, 80’s, & pop/mainstream but as a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and their love of 40’s – 50’s/Rat Pack era really stuck with me and I find myself gravitating that way a lot.

How many books did you read last year?
Wow.. you know I didn’t really keep count but it was at least 1 if not 2 a week.
Ranch or Blue Cheese?
Definitely Ranch… blue cheese makes me cringe.

What are you working on right now?
Well… I’m working on continuing to grow Hello…Chick Lit as well as hoping to finish my work in progress novel by this fall and become a real life published author!

What tv shows/ movies are you watching these days?
We don’t have cable, we do Netflix, Hulu and Sling. I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars (no matter how bad the writing is lately) – I loved The Jim Gaffigan Show & Younger when they offered them on Hulu but they are no longer available so I stick with my classic loves of ‘Friends’, ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Rules of Engagement’ & HGTV.
Do you have a theme song?
A theme song… I can’t say I could pick a song for myself as a theme. However my ringer for my husband is ‘Saturday Night Fever’ if that tells ya anything lol.

What is one thing you would tell your younger self?
Enjoy every single moment in life, good or bad because it flies by. Especially when it comes to kids, my kids are growing up and I find myself wishing they were toddlers again.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?
Thank you SO much for having me!! I’ve loved answering questions and being on this side of an interview for a change. J

About Aimee Brown–
Aimee is owner and blogger at and is working on completing her first chick lit novel sometime this fall. When not reading or blogging she can be found obsessively cleaning her house, redecorating, homeschooling 3 kids, annoying her husband & kids or singing to her cats. She’s lived in many states the last few years but currently is settled in Helena, Montana with her husband, three kids, three dogs, and three cats (that’s a lot of food!).
Find her here:
Blog Facebook Page:
Personal Facebook Page:
Email her at:


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