Wednesday Wellness: Withdraw

Sometimes in my wellness journey, I just have to withdraw from everyone and focus within. It’s funny that on a day which was my work anniversary as well as Administrative Professionals’ Day, there was very little acknowledgement. And I liked it.

The fourth Wednesday is always Board Meetings and Committees, so I didn’t even see my boss. Most other managers were at said meetings, else they soon headed offsite (or called in from behind closed doors).

It was a quiet day for me, and I found I could complete my work tasks easily and without interruption. I thought about how grateful I am for employment and benefits, and how most people I work with are actually pretty nice. Once I saw that everybody had the documents needed for the subcommittee meeting, I ventured to a favorite restaurant for curbside delivery, which I brought back to work and feasted upon at my desk.

My quietness continued even after I got home- the television never got turned on, and my kids chose to read. The absence of a blaring television was music to my ears.  We snuggled as we read our perspective books, enjoying our separate stories and our togetherness. We giggled at family photos from years past.

Just as I thought “I didn’t write a wellness post today-“ I realized I had my topic:  right here.

What did you do for your self-wellness today?


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Withdraw

  1. I’m an introvert and I feel this. In fact, I’m feeling this today about withdrawing. It’s a good reminder that sometimes we just need to take a step back and slip into our cocoons!

    • Thank you so much, Dear Reba! I had second thoughts after sharing, as it isn’t explosively profound, but sometimes G_d is in the whisper.

  2. Love your comment to Reba. Sometimes I worry that my comments are not profound or very spiritual. I love this post cause I feel included. It really relaxed me, cant say exactly why.

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