Wednesday Wellness: Stuff I Love

Happy Wellness Wednesday!
I started writing about wellness topics on Wednesdays, as I noticed so many of my creative friends struggled with wellness and balance, as do I. I have written about saving money, walking, scheduling self-care, and the like.

Today I have decided to share with you some of my favorite wellness products. This is not a paid or sponsored post. I am just sharing with you what I like, and what works for me.

My most recent discovery is the Eyes by ToGoSpa. These are gel-pads that you place under the eyes, to refresh and rehydrate the skin. These are amazing! From the moment you slip them on, there is an instant cooling effect. In just 20 minutes they are supposed to reduce wrinkles and dark circles. I actually sleep with them on all night, and when I wake the gel pads are dried out like little leaves, and all the moisture has been absorbed into my face. I do think they do reduce the dark circles. (My other trick to lessen those pesky dark circles is to first apply red lipstick, yes, lipstick, to the circles and then use concealer as per usual. I saw it on youtube.)

I love my lavender sleep mask. It is soft fabric, infused with lavender. After the lavender faded somewhat, I purchased a small bottle of lavender water to spray the mask. It is a great way to escape the stresses of the day and launch yourself into a virtual lavender meadow. Sometimes I place a healing stone on my forehead. Nothing else melts the furrowed brow like the cold stone placed directly upon them. I find that the sleep mask holds the stone in place, as well.

Since we do not wear shoes inside out house, my plantar fascitis can get irritated as I pad around in my socks. So I found these neoprene heel wraps to slip on under my socks. There is just enough support for proper alignment.

I have tried many nutritional shakes/ meal replacements, and the one I am enjoying now is Shakeology. They just came out with a new Café Latte flavor that is seriously life-changing. I have enjoyed these shakes for over a year, but when Café Latte came out in January, I finally kicked my coffee-treat habit. This tastes like a blended coffee drink, but with all the nutritional goodness and none of the sugary caffeine side effects. I look forward to it, and no longer feel that I am somehow compromising myself by having a shake instead of real food. And, I don’t feel that I need to get a calorific drink at a coffee shop. Find out more about Shakeology and Beachbody at and

Not for the faint of heart, is the Isagenix 9 day cleaning and fat burning system. I have done this 9 day program at least once a year in the last ten years. It is a commitment. But the first time I did it, I lost 4 dress sizes in the first four days. It is 2 days of drinking only this berry “Tea” (or lemon) 4x a day, followed by 5 shake days (two meal replacement shakes plus one regular meal of allowed foods), and then 2 more days of just the berry tea again. During the tea days, there are some allowed snacks of organic fruit and nuts, maybe a hard-boiled egg. See what I mean, it’s not easy. And it is expensive, at $180.00. But it’s a good jump-start.  (I am not a health specialist.  Consult your health practitioner for medical advice.)

My favorite exercise is yoga. I was thirty years old before I discovered yoga. I picked up Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies with Sara Ivanhoe and I was hooked. (You can buy this dvd used.) Even better is Sara’s Candlelight Yoga and Yoga Body Makeover Series. Ms. Ivanhoe is relatable and not at all intimidating.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? What do you do for balance & wellness?

Be Well!



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Stuff I Love

  1. It’s wonderful to hear about all the things you’ve found that you love and have found helpful to you in your own journey to wellness. Having tried many things in my own life, I know that often it is trail and error. My post this week is all about health and our choices and if what I share about the health and wellness team and our product partner I aligned with resonates or sparks some interest in you, I’m always open for a good conversation! Hope to connect and talk to you soon, Denise! The health journey does seem to be a lifetime journey indeed.

  2. Wow, Denise, really interesting to read about your health practices. I was esp. impressed with the last one. I’ve never done it, but I have done an extended fast, which was amazing. What is really impressive is you do it every year. I haven’t managed a repeat since the first one! xo, Reba

    • I don’t know that it’s impressive! More like desperation! Apparently I’m not able to maintain weight loss, so I keep coming back. 😂

  3. You know they say everyone is different and we like different things. I have tried a few of the programs/products mentioned. Did not get great results & havent continued. About to try a 5 day reset with a different product. What I dont understand is, do you sleep without turning over so things stay in place on your eyes?

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