Wednesday Wellness: Warmth

The California Sun burns bright on this Spring day: 88 degrees in the East San Francisco Bay. One of my online groups shared “warm fuzzies” or affirmations today, and that got me thinking about warmth.

As a highly sensitive empath, I find it difficult to trust people who exhibit a lack of warmth. Somehow in our modern world of social media thumbs-up’s, we’ve forgotten how to truly acknowledge people. It doesn’t take too much effort to acknowledge when people do a good job. I think it is really important to express to the special people in your life, that they are indeed, very special people in your life. And I mean, really acknowledge. I don’t think it counts when someone says “I’m sorry,” but they don’t even sound like they mean it. Sadly, people can say “You’re pretty,” or even “Good Job,” in that same hurried, flat tone.

Say it with meaning. I like to add in some unusual, uncommon words. Then, it works even better. The listener perks up at the unusual phrase, he or she knows you thought about it, and hopefully they will remember the compliment and affirmation. Here are some phrases I like to use.

“I affirm you.”
This is a powerful statement. “Good job,” is something you say to your dog.

“How beauteous!”
Using the Shakespearian word for beautiful underlines the enhanced beauty.

“Thank you for all you do.”
Gratitude for not just the thing right now, but all of the things from before, and all the good things to come.

“Know that you are very special to me [and my family].”
Hopefully they already know this, but saying it out loud affirms your respect.

How will you show your warmth today?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Warmth

  1. In my adult learning program in my biography course “Life as Art”, one of the main components is to find something in the other to “warm” to. This can be challenging at times when you come fact to face with someone who on the surface either lacks warmth or you aren’t drawn to. When you really look at someone and find that one thing you can warm to in them, it absolutely changes everything about them. I love your idea of changing up your words to them as well, as often when we take the lead, something about the other shifts as well.

  2. Thank you so much, Beverley! You’re so right about making a small shift and then everything shifting! Perspectives and Miracles, right?

  3. I often thank people for all that they do and all that they do I do not see or know. I mean it from the bottom of my heart and they feel that. They really get the acknowledgement. When people say they are sorry to me, I often ask what exactly are they sorry for. Sometimes unrelated to what the offense was or what I wished them to think about.
    Being a self-expressed person, I tend to take others off kilter. I love your use of words & will be borrowing them.

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