Wednesday Wellness: Walk the Walk

After ten days of El Niño, the California sun returned. I woke up in the darkness that is the first Monday of Daylight Savings Time, y’all know what I mean, but I knew the sun would he coming out.

I’m not gonna lie, my great intentions were waning by mid-morning. I’d thought I would enjoy three meal-replacement protein shakes, then I thought well I’d just eat the salad in the lunch that work provided, but by afternoon I’d eaten the entire candy cookie. But here’s what I did do.

I took a long walk during my lunch break.  I knew the point of half mile, and so after my return it would be a whole mile.  I donned my purple floppy hat, plugged in my Wonder Woman earbuds, grabbed a water and headed west.  I listened to a guided visualization meditation as I walked.

Last year I could have sworn it was it a field   on the next block. This year, even the weeds are a spectrum of color. And then I saw this sign.




And I knew it to be a sign from the Universe, that I was on the right path.

I completed my circle and thought, wow, that felt so good, and I even have time left in this hour to read or write! As I approached my building, the meditation ended and my music shuffle chose to play Once a Day by Michael Franti for me. And I fell into step, as all former marching band members do. Left, Right, One, Two. And I began to see a daily walk as a gift that I give to myself, something actually enjoyable (and not a chore).

All too often, I talk the talk. I know my mantras and meditations, apps and affirmations. But I always seem to fall back into my little indulgences and pretend it’s self-care. But something was different this day.

That night I dreamt that an old boyfriend was telling everyone I knew that he still liked me. And Dream-Me was appalled, thinking ‘He has got to GET OVER me!’ And I woke up knowing I could now let go of my indulgences. It was like I already had.

I walked the next day, as well. A little longer. I joked about my popcorn and Pepsi “diet” and even indulged a little bit here and there, but I didn’t beat myself up about it.



That night I added a bit to my evening meditation. I visualized sending love and healing energy to parts of my body, especially to the parts I don’t really like. And then I sent Gratitude.  And I went to sleep, smiling.

This afternoon I added the prayer walk to my circle. I entered on the paved side, and couldn’t see how deep into the field it might go. But I went in. The path turned and became unpaved, rocky. I was a little annoyed. Then there was one point where there was a fork. I decided to go right, where there was a quick dusty dead-end, so I turned back around and followed the path back out to the street. Here the rocks began to change, there were rocks of many colors and sizes- red, blues, white and greys. The last bit of the path was under water on one side, but the right side was drier. So I carefully stepped my way to the sidewalk. No sweat.

There are so many wonderful sights along the journey.

image Now I get it. You gotta walk the walk.

Do you struggle with balance? How do you maintain wellness? 

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16 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Walk the Walk

  1. As you know, Denise, I love reading about your journey. This latest walk was truly full of signs and wonders. Thank you so much for sharing it. I think I would like to go on my own prayer walk! xo, Reba

  2. I remember thinking that once you reach “balance” you stay there, only to discover that balance is a momentary pursuit. It is a big challenge for me as well and yet I have come a long way since my cavalier days when I thought I could do anything I wanted and my physical body would co-operate. This is why I am so grateful to be a member of a health and wellness team to help support others to take their health to the next level for themselves. Walking is a great equalizer for me as well, Denise and I actually miss the days when I don’t have the opportunity, for whatever reason, to get out and walk. Happy trails to you as you continue to discover what works and what doesn’t for you, Denise.

  3. I love that a prayer walk materialized in the middle of your walk, definitely a sign that you’re on the right path. I love walking, it’s a wonderful way to inhabit our bodies and it so often soothes and clarifies my mind. I enjoyed reading about your experience!

  4. excellent piece thanks!! inspiring. AND, I loved that the sign showed BOTH ways- not restricted to JUST ONE WAY. it’s a circle, just go – doesn’t matter from which direction!!! you’ll just see different stuff, that’s all. love it. thanks again for the great post! your energy is appreciated! 🙂 momentummikey

  5. I thought my body would always just keep working without extra attention. So now, I’m paying attention. I like your rituals. Will start a slow daily walk & see if I can increase it daily. Looking forward to signs along the way.

    • Thank you. Something I read today inspired me to pay attention. It was like, if you are distracted, then you are paying into the culture of distraction.

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