Wednesday Wellness: Reflection

I’m just a regular gal living her crazy life.  Same as you, right? Sometimes I feel pulled in all directions. I gotta work. But I wanna write. You know.  Sometimes I manage to put it all together. I even wrote a book! It’s about how sometimes it doesn’t seem to all fit together, but that becomes a new way of fitting together.

The thing which eludes me, is balance.

So I continue to write about my journey on my quest to achieving balance.

I’m collecting ideas for my personal wellness toolkit. What works for me might now work for you.  But I hope that my writing honestly will invite you to think about what might work for you.

Last week I made a new playlist. This really  uplifted my spirits during some rainy commutes. That last song I hear before I clock in at the day job will be in my head all day. Why not make it a good one?

Sunday afternoon I had some time to myself at home. I was also doing laundry, so I had to stay home. But I turned up the music as I put away the dishes, and danced and sang in the kitchen. As a former choir director, I can’t help but move my arms and conduct. I’d enjoyed several songs like this before realizing: Hey! I’m exercising!

I also found the Harry Potter marathon in progress during movie 7.  There were long commercial breaks, so I used them for moving laundry and reading. I’m reading one of my son’s Star Wars books, which is fun because we can discuss it.  Mother-Son book club.

Truthfully, I missed my family, though. So I decided to prepare a special dinner– which is hubby’s favorite. He appreciated it very much, and Dear Son had seconds. Dear Daughter, though, that’s another story.

Somehow I managed to pull up Dear Son’s advanced math grade, get a spring picture dress for Dear Daughter and pre-order her school supplies for next year, and spend quality time with Dear Husband. And work.

I enjoyed a nice lunch today with a good friend. Checking in and listening to her own check-in provides a neat opportunity for reflection. You know what I mean.

We comisserate, we celebrate, we learn from each other.

I shared with her a somewhat random story of working in the mall bookstore long ago, and then I realized the story could be included in my next book: a collection of stories and recipes. And Angels sang.

I’m still bumbling along- staying up too late and checking my phone too frequently.  Eating too much of the wrong stuff and not moving nearly enough. (Still enjoying the protein shakes, though! They keep me honest.)  All things considered, I think I’m doing pretty well.

How are you?

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Reflection

  1. I love how you stumbled on a story for your book while checking in with your girlfriend. I love how our stories need an outlet – we don’t even know they’re there until we start writing or speaking – that’s such a great feeling. I’m doing well, too, seeking that balance between doing and being. xo, Reba

  2. I love how we are having a chat. Your day is like mine was (It has changed with grown kids, etc) your rambling thoughts are like mine. I say you are living life to the fullest each day cause you put yourself into it. Who judges balance? Are you feeling good, being self-expressed, enjoying many of the things you get done- that to me is balance.

  3. As a Cosmic Meanderer, I totally understand how you wander from place to place and find inspiration as you go, Denise. The ability to stand back and observe yourself and your patterns, is always the place to begin. Awareness allows us all to shift and change the things we want to.

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