Wednesday Wellness: Music

“I’m picking up Good Vibrations/”

I think we all know how music affects our mood.  I was once the queen of mix tapes, in the 80s and 90s- weren’t we all?  I started burning CDs to commemorate my children’s births and birthdays.   I made playlists for our road trips.

Thanks to another writer friend, Jamie, I became inspired to create a new playlist.  How better to raise my consciousness and practice holding positive thought?  We writers and creatives tend to be especially sensitive (I can’t listen to grumpy music without becoming grumpy, myself).  Why not tune in to our higher frequency and crank it up?

Yesterday on my commute home I kept pressing Shuffle on my music player. And it landed on Message to Myself by Melissa Ethridge.

This morning, I happened to hear It’s Amazing by Jem.

It wasn’t so long ago that I sought balance and self-care. Now I know to seek Abundance and Self Love. This is my new playlist: Raise the Bar.


What songs speak to you?

What’s on your playlist?


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Music

  1. Yes! The soundtrack of a life… I love music, and love how it makes me feel. I find songs just make their way into my awareness and become the song of the day. I took a long walk last summer with no technology, and it was fun to see which songs showed up on which days, to punctuate my steps. The five that accompanied me the most were: 500 Miles (The Proclaimers), Here I go Again (Whitesnake), Must be Talking to an Angel (The Eurythmics), Shake it Out (Florence and the Machine) and The Power of Love (Holly Johnson). It was magical.

    I love your playlists!

  2. Interesting as I come from a music background and yet have never made playlists either. I tend to choose an artist I love and play a favourite CD of theirs. James Taylor is a frequent in my car CD player. I also love Daryl Hall and John Oates, Sting and many, many others.

    I love your first playlist and I can only imagine how uplifted and energized you feel after you listen to it. I used to have a CD player that shuffled songs and it was always fun to listen to a CD that way as well. Music has always been such a huge part of my life, that I totally “get” the positive, or as you put it “grumpy”, impact a song can have. For me, life is music and I cannot imagine a day without it. Thanks for sharing Denise!

  3. I love your whole list but Unwritten really speaks to me. I only have one playlist and it’s the one that keeps me moving when I’m on the treadmill. You’ve inspired me to try a few more. Thanks.

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