Wednesday Wellness: Check-in

Hey, Friends!  What happened to Wednesday Wellness?  You may have wondered. Well, I’m still working on it!  How do you manage your own wellness?  Do you have any tips?  Please comment and share!

What have I been doing for wellness?  Well, let me tell you!

The first thing I would like to share is that we took a little family vacation, for an extended weekend.  It takes planning, and a lot of effort getting there, but the time away together was so worth it. (Plus, I got a massage on the cruise!)  Be sure to check back here on the blog for my travelogue!

I completed one online course and started another, even still as I work on yet another.  I really enjoy the calls/presentations/recordings in online courses.  There is a freedom of scheduling when I listen to the course content, and also the private groups/ communities of the other enrolled students is  very supportive.

I guess you could say I am building my wellness toolkit. I like to take a bit from here and there and everywhere. There was a brilliant visualization tool offered in the Wellness Warrior e-course, which reminded me of another visualization tool I’d used before.  In my own “meditation” practice, and I say  “meditation” because I don’t know that that’s necessarily the best name for what I do- I began modifying an earlier relaxation practice from parts of my body to the chakras.  From an e-course about writing, I am learning and applying time management skills.

I am looking for more ways to find fun exercise in my daily life.  I don’t mind “found exercise,” like walking briskly when in a hurry or dancing with my daughter.  I really despise exercise “programs” and generally find exercise personalities to be overly annoying (I am sorry if you are one, this is just me) so this is a particularly challenging aspect for me.  I do enjoy yoga, and found one yoga DVD teacher that I really like, so I ordered another DVD. The kids and I enjoyed a three-mile walk along one of my favorite paths in the San Francisco Bay Area on President’s Day.


San Francisco as seen from San Leandro

And we attended my daughter’s school Family Dance and danced the night away!


We have been watching movies on TV, and that is always fun.  My son always wants to watch the special bonus material on the DVDs.  Sometimes we watch movies that my daughter is too young for, so I make sure to check in with her and we do a special activity together, too, like reading.  She is now reading to me, which I greatly enjoy!


I am looking forward to reading the new Star Wars books that my son has just finished, and I also bought another middle-grade novel just this morning at the school book fair.

I am carrying a journal again.  An actual journal.  Journaling was always such a part of my life, before we got all smart-phone’d out.  I used to finish a paper journal once a month.  Now I start one, put it down, and pick it up again a year later. So far it is mostly filled with the workshop exercises from the e-courses, but that is still reflection.  And it is still journaling!

As far as manifesting wealth, I continue to be happily surprised as opportunities come my way. I was asked to play piano for the next two Saturdays, and that is such a special opportunity for me, and they also pay me!  (What?) One of the books I am re-selling on Amazon marketplace has sold– yay!  And I received a refund check finally, from the Tolls service which I had cancelled last month.  All very welcome!

Very important for we creative types: we gotta practice creativity. I continue to develop creative ideas.  I took a break from writing the fairy tale mash-up jukebox musical, but I’ve decided to write my recipes and short stories collection during Camp NaNoWriMo.















9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness: Check-in

  1. We are meeting for the first time virtually, but you are the type of friend I seek in life. You have a zest for living life that is exciting, interesting & infectious. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

  2. Dear Denise, I am loving your idea of Wellness Wednesday more and more as a way of focussing on wellness in a day-to-day, ongoing way. I also love your term “found exercise” – cool. xo, Reba

  3. As someone who LOVES walking I am happy to hear you see this as the perfect exercise for you! And to walk along San Francisco Bay would be a treat, being as I am in Toronto, Canada and it is cold and wintery, so walking isn’t as wonderful as in summer. Congrats on all the self-nurturing you are giving yourself and It’s lovely to hear how you are reaping such wonderful rewards too, Denise!

  4. What a lovely piece, I love the idea of a Wellness Toolkit – I think I need to get one of myself those, too. It sounds like you’ve been super busy, so glad you’ve got the right tools to help you take care of you. Dancing with your daughter sounds like incredible fun, as does time snuggled up on the sofa listening to her read. Glad you can connect with your son over the Star Wars books, too. I also love to walk by the water, so your 3-mile walk sounds like a real treat. As does the family time away. Keep inspiring us with your posts, it’s always great to read about other people’s wellness/self-love practices and find things I can integrate into my own 🙂

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