Wednesday Wellness – Intuition


Hello, My Friends!

I decided to write about Wellness on Wednesdays, as I noticed so many of my writer friends and creatives struggle with wellness. As do I.  Join me on Wednesdays for wellness topics.  

I have a strong intuitive nature, but I often have to try to “turn it off” in order to get through my day.  I don’t like certain images (often hiding posts from my Facebook newsfeed), and I can’t watch the news after a disaster.  An unfortunate side effect of this attempting to tune out is that sometimes I get out of touch with my own intuition.

Sometimes I can’t hear my own thoughts.  You know how sometimes you get two radio stations on the same frequency, it’s like that.  Some previous thought or memory is on loop while some other noise is interfering.  And I spend the entire lunch hour overthinking where I should go for lunch.

I am working on achieving balance this year.  I am letting go of things which no longer serve me, including possessions but also limiting beliefs.  I self-imposed a debt diet, and am counting my calories again.  And I am practicing meditation.  (I mostly make up my own meditations, but I like listening to guided meditations especially by Kris Oster and Rebecca Kane.)

At first I thought I didn’t want to enroll in a super cool online course, because the cost was outside of my debt diet.  I almost didn’t sign up.  But then I realized, it’s an investment in MYSELF, and my well-being.  And already I am so glad I signed up.

In another seemingly counter-intuitive move, I decided to NOT go to Mass last Sunday.  Now I happen to like going to church, but I certainly don’t judge people who do not.  But I decided we could use a little break. The kids and I met up with my dearest friend for a lovely brunch and then some playtime at the park.  And it was so well-making.

Are you in touch with your intuition?  How do you stay balanced?

Be Well,





8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness – Intuition

  1. Thank you so much for commenting, Andrea! I really appreciate it when someone says they “get” what I’m saying. Really cool that we are on the same frequency !

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