Wellness Wednesday – Manifesting Money

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Today I am checking in and reporting on my manifesting money process.  Remember this post I wrote a couple of weeks ago?

Here is my update.

  1. Posted new, unread books for sale on amazon.com marketplace
  • These have not sold yet at my original price, so I will have to adjust my asking price. Update:  One sold!  That’s $5 in my account that I didn’t have before!

2. Cancelled FasTrak (toll account) and am expecting refund

  • Have to follow up, as I have not received the $25 credit yet. Update: Got it!

3. Cancelling unread magazine subscriptions

  • $54.00 check refund received

4. Signed on as a coach, now getting a 25% discount on my fave shakes

  • I have already saved about $25 on my second order.

5. Finished returning extra holiday gifts that I didn’t give out

  • Collected $40 in refunds

6. Finished returning holiday gifts received that didn’t work for me

  • $20 store credit which I used for something reasonable

7. Shopping and dining with gift cards & credit received

  • C’mon, this one is too easy.

8. Traded DVDs and VHS tapes at the local record store for CASH

  • I have done this 3 times this month already, for a total of $124.00 received IN CASH

9. Got just manicures instead of mani-pedi’s

  • Reducing luxuries all around.

10. Followed up on gift card prize and deposited checks, aka  CLAIM WHAT’S MINE!

  • Claimed gift card that I won for $25
  • Filed claim for Health Flexible Spending Account
  • Submitted Expense report for work expenses $48
  • Redeemed credit card loyalty points for cash: $99.00

My husband also called our cable TV and internet provider, obtaining better service at a reduced price.  Next up on that list is my Mobile Phone provider. Wouldn’t that be great to reduce that monthly bill!  I am also actively soliciting my preferred credit card for a balance transfer offer.

Honestly, I can hardly believe how easy it has been.  Now that I have this mindset, it seems so much easier.

I believe I can find ways to save money and reveal money.

Just this morning someone walked up to me and gave me a $5 Starbucks gift card.

What are some ways YOU are manifesting money?



6 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday – Manifesting Money

  1. Love that you are doing this! Have you ever read any of David Bach’s books. He calls what you are doing ‘the Latte Factor’ (cut out all that extra spending 😉 and I love how he then takes the extra freed up money to teach you wealth building tips. I highly recommend his books. WELL DONE!!

    • HI Nadia! Thank you so much for your comment. I did read some of David Bach’s books many years ago. I like his idea of the Latte Factor. I am working on getting back on track this year. (Too often, I pretend that a Latte is an act of self-love, when it’s really an act of poor financial decision !)

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