Friday Friends: M. Kate Allen & Memory Stands Still

Happy Friday, Friends!  I am delighted to feature my friend M. Kate Allen and her newest work: Memory Stands Still. I am so excited to see this novel published!  M. Kate has a keen eye for juxtaposition, and I think this theme will really be explored upon in this book.



Memory Stands Still (A Novel):  

Angela Bridges is preparing to enter Cleveland’s first bi-annual urban development contest. When memories of the past collide with the present, how will she shape her future and the future of her beloved city?

What I like about the book’s beginning is that the reader follows a smart protagonist as she begins her quest.  The knowledge and love of her city just radiate.  I quite enjoy Angela’s friend, Bill Kinsman, he seems the best kind of pal. I’ve only just started reading the book, and I can’t wait to see how it develops!

M. Kate Allen is also the author of Lifeblood, and Life. Love. Liturgy. and other published works. In her own words:

Fiction and poetry are two extremely powerful (some would even say subversive; I would say transformative) media in which to explore such questions in illuminating, heart-breaking, hope-inducing, rage-including, thought-provoking ways. In my book, Life. Love. Liturgy., I explore how God and religion and life lived intersect (or miss the mark, or both). In my chapbook, Lifeblood, I explore blood cancer and its implications for life and death in four short stories; its proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I am also published in two anthologies by Solarwyrm Press (Fae Fatales and Allusions of Innocence) and a charitable anthology co-published by Fey Publishing and Solarwyrm Press called Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression, all proceeds of which benefit the Not For Sale Campaign.

Follow this link to purchase Memory Stands Still on Memory Stands Still

M. Kate Allen explores blood cancer and its implications for life and death in four short stories. All proceeds from this chapbook benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This collection is a gem and really moved me, you can see my review here: Lifeblood Review

Lifeblood by M. Kate Allen

Follow this link to purchase Lifeblood on Lifeblood

You can find more of M. Kate Allen’s writings at her new site:

I am reading Memory Stands Still RIGHT NOW! Who’s joining me?


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