Wednesday Wellness – Scheduled Maintenance

Hello Wednesday!

Today I lamented a bit, I admit, as I didn’t have a fresh, new wellness topic to share with you all.  I went on with my day and reviewed how I was doing so far.  I guess you could say it was a Maintenance day.

Today I paroused through my lovely Bloom calendar, which I’d neglected to complete for a bit.  At this point it becomes more of a journal of What I Did, vs. a plan of what To Do. That’s okay.  It gives me an opportunity to be grateful. I rather enjoyed writing “Finished Reading Harry Potter Book #4 with Dear Son!” because that was a special, memorable milestone in itself.

I also reviewed my personal finances. After last week’s money manifesting, reselling of items and canceling of subscriptions/ services, I now have to follow up with these companies- as I am not seeing the refunds credited to my accounts just yet.    (Item #10 from last week was: Claim What’s Mine!) And now I can go back to Half Price Books to trade in my Goblet of Fire cassettes for cash.

It was a good time to revisit my goals and set my intentions.  I want to review my mantras and uncover what I am really saying to myself.  What goals are left over from last year?   What can I do about them?  What new goals have found me?

I didn’t complete my Guam novel last year, but I did visit the island, made connections,  and developed more ideas.   I got a new idea for another creative nonfiction book: short stories with recipes (very do-able!).  Also, I flirted with writing a jukebox musical.  This one intimidates me, I admit, but honestly I have so many ideas here, it’s time to just do it.  (Hello, three day weekend!)  Something that I really enjoyed last year was an online course.  I love learning.  It’s like school, in the privacy of my own home, under a blanket! I am considering one or two courses that I can take in 2016.

I reached out to my friends and family.  Connecting is so important.  Chatting with my Bestie and my sister keeps me grounded.  Chatting with my new writer & reader friends is so fun and exciting.  I found a new Twitter thread to follow and even participate in.  I have identified a photo to contribute in a future Monochrome Madness photo call. I scheduled the next few guests for my Friday Friends series.

What can YOU do to make yourself more balanced?







2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness – Scheduled Maintenance

  1. I love this, Denise. I am someone who loves starting new projects (a bit like you, I see!) so planning in time to ‘do maintenance’ is hugely important. Thanks for this timely reminder! xox, Reba

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