Wellness Wednesday

Happy New Year, Friends!

This year I am managing my money better.  Manifesting Money and Letting Go of wasting money. Now that I’ve written it down and posted it here, I gotta be accountable!

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

  1. Posted new, unread books for sale on amazon.com marketplace
  2. Cancelled FasTrak (toll account) and am expecting refund
  3. Cancelling unread magazine subscriptions
  4. Signed on as a coach, now getting a 25% discount on my fave shakes
  5. Finished returning extra holiday gifts that I didn’t give out
  6. Finished returning holiday gifts received that didn’t work for me
  7. Shopping and dining with gift cards & credit received
  8. Traded DVDs and VHS tapes at the local record store for CASH
  9. Got just manicures instead of mani-pedi’s
  10. Followed up on gift card prize and deposited checks for music

If the books don’t resell on amazon quickly, I can either reduce my asking price, or just trade them in at the local Half Priced Books store. Now that I have seen how much money the DVDs brought in, I am very excited to go through my remaining DVDs again.  Honestly, I don’t use all my exercise DVD’s, I can totally trade in about 12 right there.

What are YOU doing?

Do you have any great tips to share? Please comment below!



7 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

    • Thank you, Reba! Something I am learning about manifestation- although sometimes people may walk up to you offering you free money (and that has happened, too), but for me, oftentimes, it is kind of a co-creation opportunity waiting to be recognized. .

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you good send books to Amazon for resale! Thanks for the tip! I did start doing my own mani/pedi’s recently and reserving professional ones for special occasions. Hmm, I’m also coloring my own hair (just roots) in between salon appointments. LOL

    • Great ideas! What I do is post the books on amazon marketplace, and when the order comes in, I receive an email with the address and I ship it myself. Amazon takes a cut but the also offer you a shipping stipend, so It works out nicely. You can also ship direct to amazon and they send you a gift card.

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