Friday Friends: Melissa Flickinger & Paperbacks and Wine

Happy New Year, Friends!  Today I am delighted to spotlight the illustrious Melissa Flickinger, Book Marketing  Manager at Booktrope and blogger at Paperbacks and Wine. Melissa hosts the best book release parties on Facebook. Take it away, Melissa!

1. How did you get started in book promotion? What are some things you do?
I started out in joining street teams for my favorite authors. I became passionate about helping authors spread the word of their latest releases and eventually found a job doing just that. Now, I work full time setting authors up with book tours, events and continue to help share their amazing books with the world.
2. Tell us about Paperbacks and Wine!
Paperbacks and Wine began as a private book lovers group over a year ago. As it progressed, I decided to create a book blog where I could not only share reviews of books, but also open it up to feature new authors as well as a few original pieces from yours truly.
3. How did you come up with Reinvention as a theme?
The idea of featuring a Reinvention theme came from my own research in Buddhism. As we grow and change there is often a need to reinvent ourselves into this new person. I thought it would be cool to feature guest posts from other authors who experienced a Reinvention in becoming a writer. It got a great response.
4. What is in store for you in 2016?
In 2016, I will be writing more and focusing on expanding PBW to feature more authors and events.
5. Do you have any premonitions about 2016?
Premonitions? Not really. Sorry, this one really stumped me. LOL. I hope to see my blog doing well and myself finding time to write more. 😉
6. Which new releases in music/ television/film are you currently enjoying and/or looking forward to?
I am reading Room by Emma Donoghue, which is set to be a major motion picture. So I am really looking forward to seeing how they portray this story on film.


You can follow Melissa & Paperbacks and Wine on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Google+.

Melissa currently studies Human Relations and Creative Writing at University of Iowa. She has a strong interest in psychology (specifically mental health disorders and addictions). Her love of reading led her to a career in book management with Gravity Imprint of Booktrope Publishing, Forsaken Imprint of Booktrope Publishing and Booktrope Editions.

She is a self-proclaimed book nerd, coffee addict and loves all things pumpkin. When she’s not nose deep in a new book, she enjoys running, writing and listening to film scores–especially Carter Burwell and Danny Elfman.

Melissa has written several short stories and is currently writing her first supernatural horror fiction.

Blog Sites:

Facebook Blog Page: paperbacksandwine • Twitter: @MelissaFlicks

Author Sites:

Facebook Author Page: MLFlicks




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