Wellness Wednesday

Hi, Guys ❤  OK, so I took a week off from Wellness Wednesday and Friday Friends.  It was Thanksgiving in America, and I was travelling with my family.  But do not worry, we are back on track this week. 🙂

Last Wednesday I was enjoying an 11 hour door-to-door road trip.  Most of the time it actually was quite enjoyable, thanks to my hubby for driving and my wonderful kids for being such good travelers!   We’d started out a bit later that desired, but since I’d made sandwiches and we are crazy quick pit-stoppers, we were making great time!  And then, L.A. happened.  Los Angeles is notorious for bad traffic, but this was seriously the worst we’d seen in the fifteen years we’ve been making this trek.  We approached Disneyland, for an hour.  During the course of an hour we drove only twenty miles. We witnessed no less than three accidents as they occurred, as well as passed two fresh accidents, all within the span of thirty minutes.  I couldn’t believe how many we saw, and we weren’t going very fast at all, but damage was done and fenders were on the ground.  I was extremely grateful none of the accidents happened to us.

My daughter and I sit in the back seat together, as now that my son is taller than me, I let him sit in the front seat.  My daughter is the best backseat buddy.  She is so joyful, we talk and play games, and at her suggestion, make selfie music videos.  I have always said that karaoke is great therapy, now we have a new video dimension for this activity!  I don’t think I’ll be posting any of our videos soon, but just imagine if you will, my 7 year old and I singing Adele’s Hello and Uptown Funk, and Lean On Me.  (OK, maybe I will.  check back here soon!) Selfie Music Videos.  Who woulda thought?  Let me know if you try it!


Lean On Me

I also read in the car.  I read an entire book, actually.  It was delightful.  I did enjoy the content and story of the book, but I also really enjoyed READING. Then yesterday I read another book, in its entirety.  I didn’t “finish” my NaNoWriMo project, but I’d made great progress in developing it during the month.  Sometimes art-making can grow daunting for we creative types- that’s when it’s so refreshing to take a step back from the art-making and just revel in somebody else’s created art.

Finally, the last bit I wanted to share with you all today: Advent is here and the Christmas Train is coming.  We gotta try to stay sane!  I was just freaking out about how I didn’t think I could get my stuff together and send my holiday cards to my Jewish family before Hanukkah starts this Sunday. Then I remembered, last year I recorded my Christmas Album in lieu of sending cards.  It was a great opportunity to enjoy a creative outlet, and then email mp3’s to my family and friends. (Let me know if you would like a link to the album!)  So I listened to the one song that everybody comments on.  This is the one that my  children join me in singing.  It’s not perfect, it’s off-pitch and delightfully random.  But I love it.  How lucky am I that I will always have this recording of my children singing when they were 6 and 12.

And so I offer you, my friends, the Rainbow Connection.




3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. This was such a visual post. I could just see you sitting in traffic – UGH! I can barely handle the 4.5 hour annual trip for Thanksgiving. I’m glad you have a fun time getting through the 11 hours you must travel. I can’t imagine your 7-yr old singing Uptown Funk – that I’d like to see/hear. 🙂 Your idea of a Christmas Album in lieu of cards is awesome! And thanks for sharing such a sweet song with the children joining you! Happy Holiday to you & yours.

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