Friday Friends: These Broken Worlds and Kosa Press

Happy Friday, Friends! I am delighted to spotlight my friend Dana Leipold’s project today on Friday Friends. Dana is part of a group of writers who dared adventure into new frontiers in publishing!


The book is entitled These Broken Worlds.  What makes this project unique is that several writers contributed, but unlike a typical anthology, their story is one whole.  That’s right, they worked together in world-building, each took on a writing project, and then put it all together .

I imagine it is similar to when different writers write episodes of a TV series.  There are characters and story arcs and world-building rules to remember and respect.   There needs to be continuity and consistency.  There are many writers, but it is one universe.

This is the first book- a teaser, really, for the bigger project coming up.  These Broken Worlds is available on and also via

What fascinates me about this project is that these talented writers met online and came together as a writer’s critiquing group.  They enjoyed each other’s writing company so much, that they decided to publish together.  I am friends with Dana in real life, and I have followed the others on Twitter.  Let me tell you, they are a fun, witty, talented bunch! I am so excited for this book and the next.

Click on over to to find out more about Dana Leipold, Jessica West, PK Tyler, M.J. Kelley, and Wolff Dietrich.





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