Wednesday Wellness

This morning I’d forgotten to set my alarm.  All three of them.  Fortunately, I awoke naturally, and my children did, as well, in the moments that followed.  Forgetting to set my alarm is my greatest fear.  There is so much to do in the morning, there is no time to deviate from the routine.  I’m glad we were all able to focus.

Somehow I knew this would be a great day.  I made a breakthrough in plotting my mash-up fairy-tale jukebox musical late last night, by using a new tool.  Click Here for Dramatic Music  Use the Force, Luke!

trollquote(I know the meme is a mix-up.  I chose it on purpose.)

I was singing in the car, as you do, so I missed the exit to get my favorite snacks.  So I was early to work, even.

I was on alert all morning at work.  Waiting for department reports so I could organize, print, collate, staple, prepare for digital posting on the secure site.  As you do.  As I waited, I completed a basic template Prezi for work use, ran it by a colleague and then shared with the Boss.  We think it’s good.

Of course, Reports weren’t available until after noon, with the board committee meeting moved up to 1 pm.  No sweat.

Stepped out for lunch at just about one, after having messaged the CIO my contact info, just in case.  Called in my curbside delivery order at one of my favorite restaurants, drove back to enjoy my feast at my desk.   There was even dessert. (There may not be dinner, however. A girl’s gotta watch her calories!)

Somehow after lulls aplenty, I am inspired to write on all three of my blogs today.

I think it’s the inspiration that comes from creation.  I dared use a new tool to help unleash the story I want to tell.  And having conquered that challenge, I am inspired to do more.

Has this happened to you?

Keep Calm and Be Creative






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