Friday Friends: Jamie White

Happy Friday, Friends!  Today I am happy to spotlight author Jamie L White.  I met Jamie in an online writer’s group and we share a love of 80’s music.   I invited her to participate in my Friday Friends Series and she was kind enough to fit our little interview into her very busy November schedule!  Without further adieu, Here’s Jamie!


1. How has one of your projects turned out differently than you anticipated?

Funny enough, this happened with the one book I outlined. LOL. I did this for LEARNING ME (which I wrote during NaNo last year and will be out November 30th). I don’t want to give too much details (::RiverSong Voice:: Spoilers…), but out of nowhere, a character revealed themselves to be evil. I was not planning for that, and it ended up changing the rest of my outline. Needless to say, I am pansting the third right now.

2. What are some ways you keep writing? Do you have to make arrangements for anything in advance?

It can be hard sometimes, but usually when I need to settle in and get work done, some music or a long walk will help get me in the groove. I’ll put headphones on, and sing along with my writing playlist to get myself in the mood, or put on some meditations while I walk. I also keep a crystal kit nearby for inspiration.

3. What new release (book, movie, television) are you met looking forward to?

For books? Christopher Pike’s STRANGE GIRL. He’s one of my writing idols and I can’t wait to see what he’s done with this one. It sounds amazing. I am not really looking forward to any new shows premiering, but I can’t wait for the new seasons of The Americans and Salem to start. Movies? Not a huge fan for the most park. All the remakes are making me nuts.

4. What are you up to? Right now, I am writing the third book of my Lightworker Trilogy, called REBUILDING ME for NaNo2015. I’m also preparing the release of #1, promoting my other books, and trying to stay sane. LOL.

imageJamie White is an author, blogger, music geek, and paranormal junkie who moonlights as a pet servant. When she’s not writing, she takes pictures, meditates, and practices Reiki and chanting.

Jamie’s Amazon Page


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