My Mediterranean Journey, Day 8

This morning my dear son is wearing his Paris t shirt and his Strasbourg baseball cap.  He is ready to see France!   My daughter, despite weeks of practicing her one French sentence: “Excusez-moi, je voudrais acheter un chapeau rouge, s’il vous plait!” is staying on the ship with me and my niece.  The rest of of our family disembarks after breakfast.  I look forward to hearing their reports of Toulons!

My neice, my daughter and I head to the International Café.  We brought along some new water colors, watercolor markers, and art quality papers. We are painting scenes from my photos taken, as well as art displayed in the Princess Gallery.  This is something I wanted to do along this vacation: watercolor in memory of my dear friend who used to paint on her vacations See my post Dear Diary We enjoy chocolatey drinks as we paint.  We paint for hours, and I am delighted with the insights both girls offer.  Dear Daughter has grown very good at copying paintings and reinterpreting them for herself, as well as copying patterns and designs for borders.  Dear Niece offers sound advice when I am stuck on my own painting of a café: “How about a plant?”

We tour the deck perimeter and  the girls play shuffleboard.  The rest of the family returns and there is some ping pong challenge.   I believe it is declared that my sister-in-law reigns supreme on the court. (table?) They tell us of their adventures on the water taxis and walking around the port, particularly enjoying the percussion marching band they found.  On this last night of the cruise, we celebrate Dear Husband’s birthday (the Asian “Italian” strolling guitarist sings) and we enjoy the prerequisite Baked Alaska on parade.  This is kinda cool:  lights are dimmed and the waitstaff parades around the dining restaurant with flaming Baked Alaskas.

After dinner, I head to the karaoke lounge – I missed the karaoke opportunity, however.   I do enjoy a beauteous sunset, whilst the hubby and all kids enjoy staff comedy hour in the Explorers Lounge.  We pick up more souvenirs and gifts, as we admire the professional photos of the ship.   It really looks awesome.  Someday we will travel by cruise again, maybe it will be less hectic.

We are required to pre-pack our luggage and have them in the hallway by 10pm.  Hopefully we won’t oversleep like we did that first night!  Looking forward to Barcelona!


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