My Guam Journals, Part 5.2

Day 5, Afternoon

After the beauteous Two Lovers Point, we head to Hagatna/ Agana to pick up my Auntie Nit for lunch. She suggests that we go to the Fiesta for lunch. The Fiesta is a hotel with a buffet. The buffet is closing in thirty minutes when we arrive. So we hurry. (You should know that we often go to the buffet at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, timing out arrival to be thirty minutes before “lunch time” so that we can enjoy both meal types.). Most of the fare is not to my family’s liking, however. The kids and my father happily find the Mexican station, and, of course, the desserts. My husband and I find the Korean Barbeque station, which is a nice treat. Auntie Nit is a hoot. On the way back to her house, we drive around randomly looking for mangoes. As you do.

Now we head to the statue of the three generations of Chamorritas. This statue stands near the beach off the coast of Hagatna. I was drawn to this statue as I started planning for our trip. I asked my sweet mother if she would pose with my daughter and I in the same way. I was delighted that she even offered to bring her mestiza, a sheer blouse worn over a regular top. The boys helped us get into the exact positions of the three. This was especially meaningful to me, as it has been such a special trip and I’m so proud of my mother and her culture, here was an opportunity for her to show the island to my daughter. And here was an opportunity for us to memorialize the moment. The photo is below. My dear father also entered the photo into the Monochrome Madness weekly challenge here.

Three Chamorritas

Dear Son noticed a storefront sign with the Daok Oil that I was looking for. We maneuvered back and knocked in vain. The store appeared abandoned, and the neighbors didn’t know anything about them. Alas. Sometimes the quest is not about the treasure, but the adventure.

After returning to the hotel to change, we head to Tu Re Cafe to meet Shana one last time. We enjoy some more special time together, and a rainbow appears. I catch both sides of the rainbow, but as I take the panoramic photo, the clouds move over the right side. Typing this today, I just realized it was a double rainbow. Amazing.

Dos Isas

Now we head to Cappriciosa again for dinner with my mother’s childhood friend, Senator Tom Ada. We are meeting early at a different location, in order to beat the tourists. We have a back room which is more like an enclosure, and it’s only semi-private. The Senator and his wife are delightful, as are his sister and her husband. We are enjoying the same entrees we selected on Monday. The restaurant is in a shopping mall, and everybody seems to know Senator Ada.

We make one last stop at the worlds’s largest K-Mart for snacks for the plane ride tomorrow. My parents are going to meet the others at The Outrigger hotel for some music and wine. We get the kids in bed, and my husband and I enjoy a rare date, we enjoy a nice walk to the Outrigger and some last minute souvenir shopping at the ABC stores. I snap a pic of a funny human-sized shark stuffed animal dressed in a floral print sarong at Underwater World. As you do.

The trip is over too soon, and yet it was also perfect. Just perfect.

Please check back for the conclusion of our journey: the Return Home.

Family with Shana


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