My Guam Journals, Part 5.1

Day 5
We can’t believe this is our last full day on Guam. Dear daughter says she wishes we could stay another week. My friends at home are asking me to move to Guam, so that they can come visit us. I admit I fantasize a little, though I wonder what jobs might be available for us, and how our lifestyle might change. Where would we live? Would I have to get typhoon shutters? Would we rent out our house in California?
Instead of journal time this morning, we change into our suits and head out to the pool. It’s 7 am and the sun has been up for some time. We start in the pool, and for a brief second, this California girl thinks “This isn’t heated!” Then Duh! We are on Guam. We leave the pool and walk twenty feet to the beach. Now this is what I’m talking about! The calm, clear beach water is warmer than the pool. We wade out a bit, and see that none of the activities are open yet, they are just setting out the pedal boats, etc. We go back to the pools and the kids frolic as I check online. At a reasonable time, I text my dear parents to see if they are awake. Mom’s again having leftovers from the prior night’s party for her breakfast, but Dad will join us. He comes to the pool and suggests the hotel’s buffet breakfast. Sounds good! We towel off, pull on cover ups/ tee shirts and head inside. The buffet has a ton of Japanese food, as well as a sandwich bar, omelet stand, and traditional breakfast fare. The tator tots are labeled hash browns. This strikes me as funny.
We pile in the minivan and my mother takes the Auntie Bennett Way to the site. This includes wrong turns and turnarounds. At one point we find ourselves not quite finishing a u-turn at the McDonald’s exit. Naturally, we enter said exit and make our way to the drive thru. But my mother has passed the order stop, and the minivan’s side windows don’t roll down more than 4 inches, so my husband opens the sliding door to speak into the microphone. This is how we do it. On Guam.
Soon we are heading for Two Lovers Point. My husband doesn’t remember this from last time, but I do. It is a wonderful lookout point, and the site of legend. The tale is that the Chamorro Chief’s eldest daughter had been ordered to wed a Spanish soldier. But she had chosen a Chamorro suitor. They did not have the family’s blessing, so they could never marry. They tied their long shining black hair together into one big knot, and the jumped off this cliff to their deaths. They are now together forever, and the waves whisper their undying love.
After the entrance fee and legend signs, we climb the structure. This is a two story deck, and the first level actually jets out over the ocean. My engineer husband observes that the structure might not be sound. But that’s really why it works so well. There is only room for one or two people at the tip of the point, and when I look down, I feel a strange sensation as I sense how deep that drop really is. It’s a beautiful day and clear blue water meets blue sky in all directions. We take photos in every direction, of each other, we help take photos for other tourists and they, in turn, take ours. The staff encourages us to look this way and that, for signs of the lovers. In one direction the beach resembles the profile of the male lover, in the other direction it is said her profile is in the rocks. Even though it is hot and humid, the wind whips about, refreshingly. Dear husband says this is the best lookout point IN THE WORLD and I beam.
As we leave, I purchase postcards from the gift shop, and find my mother has made friends with the street vendors. The coconut slushie guy speaks three languages, and is enticing us with samples. The party music is blaring and another tourist bus pulls up. We cannot refuse. The coconut and mango slushies are the perfect cool & sweet treat.

Puntan Dos AmantesTwo Lovers Point  panoramicFamily


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