Advent Calendar

Starbucks has their Advent calendars out.

But really it’s just a candy box.

Yes, I am offended that Starbucks markets it as an Advent calendar.

Advent is the Catholic understanding of the season of preparation for the religious reason for the season: the birth of baby Jesus. The Incarnation of God made human.

This is major theology, folks. Not chocolates in teeny boxes at a first world coffee shop.

There’s already enough distractions. We live in a commercialized smart-phone zombie world in which retailers are opening earlier and earlier on actual Thanksgiving Day in America. Amidst all the “Christmas” hype, I’m drowning. Where are you, Christmas?

Somehow, my kids perceive the magic. This is my kids’ Advent Calendar.

Little People

Little People

This is mine.

Tis the Season

Tis the Season

Am I the only one who inevitably feels like I’ve been run over by train?

My calendar is already filling up.

This year I am honoring Advent. I am practicing mindfulness and scheduling self-care.

In all my years as a highly sensitive introverted intuitive feeling perceiver, I have resisted scheduling and traditional organization. I much prefer the creativity and spontaneity that comes from well, organized chaos. But not utter chaos. We live in a society, after all.

One thing I’ve learned is to Plan to Have Fun. That is, Plan, to have fun. I know if you buy airfare in advance it doesn’t cost as much. I know that when I pay the mortgage first, I can better visualize what remains for expense and excess. I get the chores out of the way, so I can play. I don’t love the chores and the mortgage, but it’s part of the process. I admit I do enjoy consulting my ten year historical gifting spreadsheet, though. Knowing little girl B is now the same age little girl A was when I have her the musical tea set, I can now look for the same set online. The preparation is anticipation.

I guess Advent translates to our modern world, after all.

Snow White


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