Message in a Bottle

I remember when I first saw Taylor Swift on TV. I was impressed by the ability to perform on stage on a televised awards show. I admit I wanted to like her music more than I did, however. I chalked it up to being of a different generation.

Through the next few years I would notice a strange relationship with all things Taylor Swift. I have found myself drawn to a Papyrus card design, only to find it was her design. I learned we share an unusual affinity for the number 13. Then I learned we share the same birthday. I liked that one song on the pop radio stations, I forget which one now, because my then 5 year old daughter became enamored with the song “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

I vaguely wondered why Ms. Swift would choose 1989 as the name if her album. It was a Rockin’
year: the San Francisco Bay Bridge broke in an earthquake, the Berlin Wall was collapsed, I think Seinfeld started, and I graduated from high school. Then it hit me. Taylor was BORN in 1989.


D.D. 1989

Meanwhile, Taylor’s “Shake it Off” began playing on the radio. On Facebook, I saw a HuffPost article showing an 1989 aerobics video synched to the song. (Check out the video on YouTube.) I saw this promotional photo.


And I realized. She’s Debbie Gibson.


I loved Debbie Gibson in the 80’s. Her image, her self-written songs spoke to me. Now I get it.

Shake it Off is quite catchy. It kinda reminds me of Shake Your Love.

Many things in my life right now are stressing me out. But I believe I have received a(nother) message from the universe, through my radio, via Taylor Swift.

Shake it off!



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