Autumn Harvest

I have never loved Autumn. I know a lot of people do. We don’t get Fall here in California (instead, we get this meta-season called Drought). I don’t even like orange. Halloween is my least favorite holiday (but that’s a different post) and so Autumn has just meant for me: hurry up and buy the boy some long pants because he’s worn only shorts since May and those pants won’t fit, check the kids’ shoes for holes before first rain, and get ready for the annual 8-12 hour road trip down south to “enjoy” the prerequisite dry turkey and mushy baby food that is “Thanksgiving.”

But this year is different.

At the suggestion of my life coach, I began wearing orange to honor the second chakras energy. The San Francisco Giants were in the playoffs again (and won the World Series again!) so the children and I wore as much orange as possible during the month of October, including pajamas. I even washed an entirely orange load of laundry.

Also I finished writing my poetry collection manuscript and recorded a Christmas CD. Suddenly I had not one but two creative endeavors to produce and share. The poetry I wrote in the Spring and cultivated during the Summer was now breaking forth. The music I had suppressed for years as a working mom finally came to surface again.

Just in time for this month of Gratefulness, I began to experience Abundance. And I recognized that celebration is an important part of Abundance. When we recognize that which is worthy of celebration, we get more.

I have some wonderful vacations lined up for next year. At first, my gut reaction was “ I can’t believe it!” But I immediately sensed the error in thought. I can believe it. This is happening. This is real. Why not honor it?

I chose to say Gratefulness. Because gratitude sounds to me like platitude. And Thanksgiving, as I’ve already mentioned, has some negative associations. But Gratefulness reminds me of mindfulness, something we must strive to be, especially in this commercial smart-phone zombie world.

What are you grateful for?


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