Art and Wine

Continuing with my theme of up-cycling, here is another quirky invention of mine. I save the plastic stemless glasses (ok, cups, but stemless glass sounds better) from the Stacked Wine “bottles*” and put flame less candles in them. I am partial to the blue light candles, because they remind me of Hermione Granger’s conjured flames she kept in mason jars. Now it’s a safe candle for the children’s bedrooms in case the power goes out. Also a good nightlight for traveling, as you can pack one in your suitcase and relax knowing you won’t need an outlet. But honestly, we all like them so much, we use them as nightlights at home, every night. I keep a ton of these little LED candles on hand.

*yes this is a great invention you should try on it’s own merit. Four glasses of wine, stacked and shrink/wrapped. You can find them at Cost Plus or online. I like their Cabernet and Chardonnay best. They make a sampler “bottle” of four varieties, too. And they ship.



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