New Uses for Old Things

The Best $5 investment I made last year was a bright, colorful vinyl tablecloth, which was lined with flannel. I bought it at Party City. It was perfect for our executive luncheon catered by Rubio’s. When it was time to clean up, I wiped down the cloth, and put it in my trunk, thinking I might use it again sometime.
Turns out, it’s a great beach blanket. I’d packed it for a road trip, thinking we might have a picnic. But the day of the beach, I decided it was a beach blanket. It was easy to spot, plus the lining made it comfortable to sit on. I told my in-law’s it was a recyclable blanket. They were impressed.
Until later, when they asked me where I had purchased it. Then they looked at me like I was the biggest redneck.
I don’t mind. I thought it was a fun way to recycle a bright tablecloth. When we got off the jet ski rentals, I could find the rest of my family on the beach, easily. We used it the next day at another beach, and then I did recycle it for reals. (I didn’t need to lug a heavy, wet, sandy and smelly blanket in my car all week and then for a 8 hour car ride back to Northern California.)
I think I’ll look for another one, and keep it in the trunk of my car, just in case.



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