Last Minute

imageWhen I was in high school, my sister and I were in a band with friends. We called ourselves Last Minute, because that’s when we would practice. Good Times.
Now when I think about having to do things at the last minute, my anxiety is provoked. I work very hard to not put myself in that situation. I have a gift-giving historical spreadsheet that I’ve kept running for TEN YEARS. (ahem.) But it happens more often than you might think.
Sometimes I’m irritated that information is shared at the last minute. It would have been so much more easier had that information been provided ahead of time. What do you do in that situation? I’m approaching a small business soon to suggest they have a parent orientation night. Maybe this will save others’ nerves next year.
Thankfully, my children are both so good-natured, and a last minute change in plans doesn’t seem to faze them.

“Sorry kids, looks like we need new tires in addition to the oil change. Let’s have brunch at Carrow’s!”

“Cool! We’ve never been to Carrow’s!”

At brunch, we decided to stream a Star Trek Next Generation episode. Dear Son was actually disappointed when the car was ready sooner than expected. (We only saw one scene and the theme.)

I’ve been thinking about writing for Monday Blogs for some time now. Guess when I decided what to write about for this post.


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