Let's be gratefull

As a child I would poll my family nightly at dinner. How was your day? If we had a family average of 7.5, it meant we could play a board game. My sweet mother rated every day a 10.


She said nothing terrible happened, she had no reason to complain. Now that I am a mother with my own young family, I can’t believe it. There’s so much stress and anxiety that I encounter on a daily basis. Somehow I still have remarkably low blood pressure and the illusion of calm. Fake it till you make it, as they say. Still, I’m grateful I remember that.

In the midst of this crazy chaos of life, I often struggle to achieve balance. Here are some tips and techniques I use to try and right myself. Deep breathing sometimes works for me. But my best trick is Music. I listen to music, sing, and play piano. I am so grateful that my parents gave me piano lessons. Their love of music has extended to my own deep appreciation of music in all forms and genres. I’m listening to Debussy’s “Reverie” as I write this right now. But sometimes I like to sing along to Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats and imagine I’m singing to those who have scorned me. And sometimes after a particularly frustrating day at work, I pop in my Carpenters – The Singles cd. Thank God for that cd.

I’m very fortunate that we have jobs and shelter, and our children go to a good public school. So many other families suffer and don’t have these basic things. Meanwhile, my family lives close by and my children interact with them often.
What more could I ask for?

Once I remember to change my perspective, I perceive all the good fortunes before me. The radio seems to sing directly to me. And my iPod seems to shuffle my tunes in delightful thematic order. My Twitter feed shows me links to interesting and helpful articles. My message from the Universe is- I’m OK.

You know what? I think today is a 10.

Monopoly, anyone?

Written for the #doodledream book party for Jenipher Lyn’s “How Being Stubborn, Unpopular, and Depressed Saved my Life.”


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