Luck Be a Lady

Weird stuff happens to me. Just ten days ago my car died on the freeway. I’ve also run out of gas and run over a mattress.

But I also believe that I’m lucky.

I have faith and I am positive. I have led a charmed life in many ways. Sure, I’ve had my own trials and tribulations, challenges and curve balls. Anyone who’s gone through Labor knows, you don’t always get the labor you ordered. You sure don’t get the parenting experience you ordered. Who requests to birth a child with special needs or with recurring bladder infections throughout the first year of life? But would I have had it any other way? What do you think.

Once had a lucky streak. I was winning every raffle, every table prize. I knew the yellow ribbon was tied under my chair. And so it was. Some of the things I won were the Titanic movie special edition on VHS (it was 1998, okay?) and the trip to Lake Tahoe given by my hubby’s company every summer picnic. I won that 3 years in a row. Playing Bingo. It’s not like there was any strategy.

And then one summer, I had doubt. I wondered if I was losing “it.” I wondered if it was someone else’s turn to be the lucky one. I traded bingo cards with the kid next to me. Sure enough, the 8 year old girl won the trip. On my card! And so I knew it was over.

Or so I perceived.

I now believe that I am lucky, again. Or rather, I again believe that I am lucky.

When my car died on the freeway, although I did immediately understand that we were in a precarious situation, I never for a minute believed we were in absolute danger. I knew I had called for help and prayed and asked people to pray. I knew God was sending angels.

Luck is on my side.

2 thoughts on “Luck Be a Lady

  1. That’s a lot of luck, my friend. 🙂 ❤

    You know, I won something once–a hand-stitched cloth photo album at the St. Patty's Day church raffle, if I remember correctly. I still have it. 🙂

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